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Introduction: Bean Gun

Bean Guns are simple, cheap, and pretty powerful. I love building and playing with these things. Much cheaper than a paintball gun, but you don't sacrifice the accuracy or the power of the shot.

Step 1: Selecting Your Pipe

First choose pipe that is about 1 and a half foot long and 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch in diameter.

Step 2: Putting It Together

Take your pipe and find a balloon or a elastic surgical glove (i preffer ballons). If you chose a balloon cut off the bottom of it and stretch it around one end of the pipe, then duct tape around the excess balloon on the pipe. If you are using a glove cut off a finger (middle finger is best) and do the same as balloon.

Step 3: Firing and Ammo

Ammo- To be honest ammo does not matter choose something significantly smaller the then pipes' diameter

Firing- To fir drop your bean or ammo into the pipe and let it fall to the balloon or glove then grapit in the balloon, pull, and let go.

Step 4: Playing and Safety

I always have fun playing with these things. Have friends over and shoot away.

Only do not shoot people in the face! It is dangerous and it kills to get a shot in the face.

~i will not be held accountable for any injured while playing or assembling this gun

Play safetly



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    I have a length of PVC and some balloons. Also have a pack of skewers sharpened on 1 end. Went through both sides of a cardboard box.

    these can and will cut you and make you bleed best ammo is chick peas i used a pipe bender or a vice and hammer to make the handle then i used pipe clamps to put it on works grate

    4 15 2008 109.jpg4 15 2008 110.jpg

    Wouldn't it work better with the handle closer to the balloon end?

    Please tell me how thich is your bean gun pipe and do u use balloons or gloves? Pleasse tell me

    i use 1 inch diameter pipe for the barrel and regular copper pipe for the handle

    u need pics 4 this 2 b a good ible

    this is called a glove gun i have 1 myself :)

    Some one already made this gun. Don't know if his was first

    I made one of these guns and I put a penny in it. I put it through two coke cans and left a nice dent in my wall. my friend shot me with a tiny rock from 5 feet away, and it really hurt when I was digging it out of my arm!!! :(