Bean Guns are simple, cheap, and pretty powerful. I love building and playing with these things. Much cheaper than a paintball gun, but you don't sacrifice the accuracy or the power of the shot.

Step 1: Selecting Your Pipe

First choose pipe that is about 1 and a half foot long and 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch in diameter.
I have a length of PVC and some balloons. Also have a pack of skewers sharpened on 1 end. Went through both sides of a cardboard box.
these can and will cut you and make you bleed best ammo is chick peas i used a pipe bender or a vice and hammer to make the handle then i used pipe clamps to put it on works grate
Wouldn't it work better with the handle closer to the balloon end?
Please tell me how thich is your bean gun pipe and do u use balloons or gloves? Pleasse tell me
i use 1 inch diameter pipe for the barrel and regular copper pipe for the handle
u need pics 4 this 2 b a good ible
this is called a glove gun i have 1 myself :)
i tryed it good job
Some one already made this gun. Don't know if his was first
I made one of these guns and I put a penny in it. I put it through two coke cans and left a nice dent in my wall. my friend shot me with a tiny rock from 5 feet away, and it really hurt when I was digging it out of my arm!!! :(
thats a glove gun you know
i have my doubts about killing with a bean gun.
"Kills" as in hurts so much you run to your mommy for a band-aid.
my moms dead...
woh,sorry dude.must be hard
Hes lying. I know alot of people who say that in response to a mom joke.
yah,but it was funny to me anyway,hehehe
As do I, unless &quot;bean&quot; is code for &quot;contact explosive that looks like a bean.&quot;<br/><br/>*Looks at Tetranitrite expectantly* Pweeeease?<br/>
yea i know but im playin it safe im just saying that so some idiot does shoot himself in the eye and i et screwed
Ya some idiot....
like me!
Your right. It can ALSO get your hand!
Your gun is very powerful! I shot 1 at a wall & busted the bean!
Please add pictures
these things are the sickest guns out there me and my friend have been wars and they hurt like a bi**h fun tho
Could you maybe add a picture? So I know if im doing it right
i use dishwashing glove fingers very powerful, and they hardly ever break
it's called a pea shooter
i shot my friend from 10 ft. away and it hit him in the hand... he beat me with his other hand
May you add pictures please I'm new here
I have seen this on a weapon site somewhere. The one I saw shot rocks, or beans. But, you use the top of a milk-carton that was cut about 3-4 inches long. Yes, VERY fun things to use
i forgot to add some things first of all a picture of mine also that if you guys have any modifications. I made mine look almost like an assault rifle i customized it with a cammo paintjob, flashlights, lasers, handles, and storage compartments
This remind me of the Super Maul from OfficeGuns.com<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.officeguns.com/gunadv_super_maul.html">http://www.officeguns.com/gunadv_super_maul.html</a><br/>
If you get a larger, but shorter pipe (say 1"dia and 6" long) you can drop the glove through the pipe, which makes for a much more sure fire (As well as making it harder to pop yourself with the glove). to do this, put the glove through the tube, then take the wrist part, wrap it and tape it around the outside of the tube. works the same way, just more compact with results that are as good if not better than your design. got any pics?
i agree it it is more compact but i like have them be bigger i even put one on a telescope stand

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