Step 7:

Turn the cover right-side out and push out corners with fingers or gently push out with a knitting needle, chopstick, pen or something else pointy.

Insert the filled muslin sack into the cover. It's kind of tricky... Stuff it as far as you can into one side, lining up the corners as best as possible. Then flip the other side over and line up the other corners and you have a completed beanbag!
Fill it with rice and you got a heat pad/ice pack. Nice diy!
Very nice. May I ask the point of the ribon tags? I can see them being usefull for property identifitation, and I note that you do say that they are "optional" I'm just curious to know why you included them in your original design.
<a href="http://grungezombie.net/2009/04/beanbag-game-for-dg/">When I made these for my nephew</a>, I made it into a little game and the ribbons were different colors (team red and team blue) so you could tell who would get points but with the beanbags still being a matching set.<br> <br> Also, the kids like to grab the ribbon tabs for leverage and whip them as hard as they can (which may or may not be regrettable, lol).
Thank-you for the instructions on how to do this! I'm a novice sewer and I usually run into problems figuring out how to construct items so that the closure goes in easily. I am making covers for floor pillows for my kids to sit on (instead of my sofa cushions) and this technique will come in handy!<br><br>I made these a few years ago to use as heat packs, but did not make removable covers. For the filler I used parboiled rice (I had a large bag, and my family wouldn't eat it.) Other Family members I gave them to like to use them as cold packs for boo boos.<br><br>Note: I learned the hard way that it is not good to machine sew the hook and loop closures that are peel and stick! It gums up the thread and needle and the thread breaks.

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