This instructable teaches how to make our Bear With Me system, a prototype that allows two users to tangibly send and receive hugs (as well as motion) in near real-time.

The bears will be able to send tweets when physically hugged.  Their hearts will glow when they receive the other bear's hug.  The bears can also send and receive physical touch (pat) signals.  The bears can also send and receive tweets when they are in motion.  For a more detailed explanation of the interactions and our project, check out our presentation.
You can also contact us at (zashktorab@gmail.com and af2012@gmail.com) with any questions and comments.

You will need to make two bear systems, using the instructions provided, so the bears will have another bear to talk to.  Below is a list of stuff you will need to get started:
-2 stuffed animals (we chose bears but you can use the animal of your choice)
-Teddy bear stuffing (to make the bear more huggable)
-Razor blade
-8 Lilypad LEDs
-Conductive thread
-Sewing needle
-Non-conductive thread
-Soldering iron
-Tri-Color LED Breakout Kit or LilyPad Tri-Color LED board
-Force Sensitive Resistor
-Fabric/Cloth (most any type will do)
-Arduino Uno
-Wifi shield for the Arduino
-(Optional) Additional accessories such as hat, bow, backpack, etc.
-(Optional) Conductive fabric
-(Optional) Conductive tape

Step 1: Take apart and unstuff the bear

Take apart the teddy bear.  Most of the time, it is easiest to take the bear apart from one of its seams.  You can use a scissor and or a blade to help.  After you cut into the bear, take out its stuffing and turn it inside out.
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