Step 4: Assembling the table

Picture of Assembling the table
The table is much simpler than the bear chars.
  • I routed the edges with the corner round bit, but left the left and right sides of the bottom support flat, as well as the tops of the table side pieces.
  • I then routed the slots under the table top, and in the side pieces with a straight plunge bit, 0.5 cm deep.
  • With the table I did not use any dowels as there would not be as much weight on top.
    (Of course, you could put a couple of dowels on each side for extra support if you are worried.)
  • Next, I put wood glue in the slots, put the table in the upright position with a lot of weight on top, and tied some rope around the sides to prevent them from spreading (of course bar clamps would do a better job).
- Next, finishing up