Step 4: Assembling the Table

The table is much simpler than the bear chars.
  • I routed the edges with the corner round bit, but left the left and right sides of the bottom support flat, as well as the tops of the table side pieces.
  • I then routed the slots under the table top, and in the side pieces with a straight plunge bit, 0.5 cm deep.
  • With the table I did not use any dowels as there would not be as much weight on top.
    (Of course, you could put a couple of dowels on each side for extra support if you are worried.)
  • Next, I put wood glue in the slots, put the table in the upright position with a lot of weight on top, and tied some rope around the sides to prevent them from spreading (of course bar clamps would do a better job).
- Next, finishing up
Absolutely Gorgeous, we have started a woodwork clasd and mu friend wanted a table and chair set for her daughter she id going to make these will send photos when finished thanks.
<p>The blue blue prints are hard to read/see. Is there any way to add printable cut out pattern?</p>
They have already been broken - and I had already covered this in a note <strong>(*As I mentioned...)</strong> at the end of the Instructable regarding the grain direction.
With how the grain of the wood on the table is going if someone stands on it, it will break. I'd suggest next time have the grain going up
wow, fantastic table n chairs<br>I spent hours looking for exactly this.<br>My grandkids will love you.<br>tuvm
very beautiful, I run a school, I think I can use this design for baby sitting class room. The wood grain &amp; texture looks very attractive to us grown ups, don't you think, we should paint it with bright colours to make it attractive to the tiny tots?
Thanks. I think this chair and table set would be great in a school/kindergarten setting, or a clinic waiting room etc. You can make two complete sets from one piece of 4x8' plywood.<br>I made a quick render of a few different colour combinations, hope that helps.<br>(You can click on the image to enlarge it.)
Well done, nice and simple. I think the kids will be happy, I love to create <a href="http://arsseller.ru" rel="nofollow">furniture</a>
mega cute and professionally done
so adorable!
Thanks for the kind words, greatly appreciated.
Awesome build!
That looks adorable! Nicely done.
Very nice! Looks absolutely amazing!

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