This Halloween I decided to make a faux beard of bees, Here is what I did.

Step 1: Building the Mold

First I made a template to find out the size of my face using a piece of paper, i just held it up and drew the shape of a beard around my face.

Using the template as a guide I made a mold from foamcore.  I glued the pieces together with hot glue and covered the mold with papier-mâché to add rigidity. I made sure the mold had a lip around the perimeter.

You are the King Bee if there ever could be one! I also like your friends' b beards.
<p>Just amazing. Great detail in execution and in explanation. </p>
<p>Too cool!Very good</p>
Bravo! Very nice and original.
How long did it take you to make your beard?
It took around a month from start to finish including materials testing and design. It's difficult to estimate the exact hours of working time. Waiting for the latex to dry between each coats was the most time consuming part, but also the easiest ;)
Quite possibly the best thing ever made by human hands.
That bee stamp you made has such amazing, realistic detail! Bravo!
This is so awesome on so many levels
Thank you!
Lots of work and attention to detail!
good job, the bees look on the big side what reactions did you get? <br>
Thanks, I made the bees larger than life for two reasons. I thought larger bees would be more recognizable and the bigger the bees the less time I had to spend painting and gluing wings.
Wow this is awesome, what a clever idea!!
How cool!!!! Points for most original, as far as I have seen! <br>
Thank You!
Too cool! As a beekeeper I wanna try this next year. You got my vote ;-)
That is so detailed. Amazing work! :D
Thank you very much!
That is AWESOME! You've just given me ideas for several projects. Thank you for the detailed work. WOW! Awesome!
I can't wait to see your projects!
Ha! Well done, sir!
Thank you!
At first glance I thought it was the real thing. I especially love the hero bees, but the whole thing is awesome.
wonderfull, piece of art
awesome work! gotta ask though... why? what was your inspiration?
Thanks, I think a beard of bees is a hilarious costume.
This is so awesome! You did a beautiful job on painting those bees realistically! <br> <br>I probably won't make the bee thing but I might have to borrow your latex/molding technique! haha
Thank You!

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