Introduction: Bearghan

Created for my 10-month old niece.

Pattern concept by Pat Liles and documented here. Individual square patterns are from the book '200 crochet blocks' by Jan Eaton.

The yarn is an acrylic/wool blend that is washable and durable ... just what is needed for a baby's blanket!

I wanted to make something useful but cute, so thus the Bearghan! My niece went straight for the nose :)



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    i love this iam going to start right away i have all my supplies becuse iam not an expert crocheter iam just going to use general granny squares and back it with flannel or fleece for added durability....i plan on makeing one for my 9 yr old who loves teddy bears and my new grandson.

    Definitely cute! I bet a squeaky nose insert would be a big hit with your niece.

    this is so cute! i would love to see a close-up on the bear face; i'm curious how that looks closer.

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    Your request is granted! I added a closeup on the face to the slideshow.

    it doesnt show...oh well, haha. its still a beautiful bearghan!

    hee hee took a while but it's showing up now.