Spring is the best time to collect bear's garlic in the forest and make a yummy pesto out of it. For 6 jars of pesto you will need the following:
  • a big bowl (diameter approx. 35 cm / 14 inches) full of bear's garlic leafs
  • 500 ml / approx. 2.5 cups of olive oil 
  • 0.5 kg / approx. 1 pound of grated parmesan cheese
  • approx. 30 Almonds
  • Salt
Instead of almonds, you can also take pine nuts, but i prefer almonds, since they make the whole paste not so "heavy". To mix everything you only need a hand blender.

Step 1: Pluck Enough Bear's Garlic

Go to the forest and collect a lot of bear's garlic. I took a dog poo bag (a new one :)) and stuffed as much leafs as i could inside. Make sure you take enough! If you have too much, you can still use the leftover bear's garlic for 
  • bear's garlic bread with bacon
  • bear's garlic mashed potatoes
  • bear's garlic risotto
it all tastes awesome! Wash the leafs well with water, and make at least 5 piles. 
<p>Nice idea!</p><p>I do want to warn that 'Bear's Garlic plants (a European species) resemble some other but poisonous plants, such as Lily of the Valley. .. and there are others, too.</p><p>Be sure of what yu pick!!!! Check with people who are knowledgeable !! </p>
Looks great! I know a field with loads of this stuff - I believe it's also called 'ransoms'. <br>One question: How long can you keep it? Will it freeze? <br>Many thanks - I look forward to making it. <br>Duncan
Thank you! I kept it for one month at it was still fine. After 6 weeks it tasted a little less fresh, more like the pesto one can buy in the store. I did not try freezing it, but it sounds like a cool idea. But just don't heat it after freezing, otherwise the cheese inside starts melting and it becomes a huge &quot;clot&quot; of pesto :). Tell m!e once you tried freezing it
I missed them this year - hadn't realised the season was so early. Will try next year instead. Thanks for your replay (know it was a while ago now!)
Tweeted; Ty!
you could probably can the jars and they would keep longer.
Baerlauch! <br>Sehr gut!
Mmmmmmhhh! Remember that from Europe - very nice stuff but potent. Gru&auml;ss de B&auml;r u d'pfrou.
In the UK it is called wild garlic or ramsons. Easy to find in damp areas and identified by the smell.
Yeah exactly, the smell is quite strong, but in a good way :).
beautiful! i wonder if 'bear's garlic' is what we call ramps here in US... i'm going to try that, thank you!
Thank you! I am not sure, but I don't think so... I used a translator and it said &quot;bear's garlic&quot;. Wikipedia means: &quot;Allium ursinum &ndash; known as ramsons, buckrams, wild garlic, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek or bear's garlic&quot;... hope that helps :).
thank you for the latin name! it's a close relative of ramps! =) thanks again for the nice recipe!!

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