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This is how to beat super mario 64 with only 16 stars.

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First start a new game and get eight stars if your choice. Now go and beat mean ol' bowser.

Step 1: More stars!

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Now go and get another 7 stars ( I got them from Lethal lava land and sand land).
Heres where things get tricky. grab the bunn in the basement but don't take the star. Pick him up and go to the door into the basement.
Now go to the door and drop the bunny into the front of the door. Mario should apear inside the door. get down on his knees and turn towards the bunny. Now put it down again.
You should be inside the room with bowsers door in it , with the bunny! Now do the same thing on bowsers door. Here's the link to a youtube video of it


i played it out on the nin46.
i had all the 120 stars.
i got a new secret star for you guys:
in the first sliding level(in the star of the center of the castle, up and then go to right.the right photo is the good one) you need to get down in less then 21 seconds.
and in the level where that stupid monkey taker your cap, somewhere is a wall of stone where you can jump in.
walk with your shoulder at the walls and if you see it moving, jump in it and finish the other sliding level

)gl with it(

Bartboy (author)  erikos kostarikos6 years ago
I beat the game with 120 stars too. :P
And me
An Villain5 years ago
Backwards long jumping is not the hardest part, the hardest part is the final batle with Bowser during the third stage (star broken arena.) Backwards long jumping is fun, but once you do it too much you have to reset your Nintendo 64 as it stops allowing you to perform it.
Bartboy (author)  An Villain5 years ago
Well backwards long jumping itself is easy, but doing it properly for the glitch is extremely hard. I for one beat bowser on my second try, it wasn't that difficult.
It gets harder the more you do it for some reason (and I mean harder for the game not you.)
Seen it before. How about with no stars in five minutes ( possible )
Bartboy (author)  Mecha_collider5 years ago
Just look up Mario 64 speed runs on youtube.
TAS videos are always amusing to watch.
NYPA6 years ago
Is this for ds or 64? or both?
Bartboy (author)  NYPA6 years ago
64, in the ds version they fixed the glitches.
NYPA Bartboy6 years ago
Capt. Fat6 years ago
I had almost all the stars..... But i sold my 64 :(
I have 36 stars :-D
musicman4327 years ago
where did you get that level map! that's awesome! please private message me!