Redneck Outdoor Tub





Introduction: Redneck Outdoor Tub

grandma,momma and child enjoying while daddy films cool water enjoyment our child, They are waiting for daddy to put down the phone and join.

This is the current stage of a five year project(it is constantly changing).
The reason it changes,i have a.d.d. and can never make up my mind.
What once started out as a pool is now an outdoor water tub / jacuzzi.
I ramble a lot,as this instructable will prove,but if you want to get
Here is a link for making the filter for this outdoor tub as well
to the good stuff just check photos your interested in, almost all have
reference points with explanations.
 Thank you for any and all criticism or more importantly words of praise.

If you are only interested in the outdoor tub and related parts,skip to step four, i quit rambling about there.
  I have recently figured out how to upload a brief video that shows the power of water flow.
I hope you enjoy it, my kid only just figured out the nozzle turns a few moments before.

Step 1: The Beginning

100+ degree weather was killing me,my solution get a above ground swimming pool.
After purchase of pool i realized my property is not level enough to just come home and set it up,
also my land has the unique ability to grow rocks,(large rocks )that grow even as your getting them
out of the ground to make it easier to mow.
This makes it actualy easier to build up than it is to level down,so it was decided,... a twenty foot pool
needs a thirty foot circle base.
Following the ground rules set forth by my rocky land, i also decided to copy the pattern(lots of rock
mixed with dirt for a strong base).
Hopefully this will make it not wash out in rain.
After using rock to surround the circle i laid out it ,became time to fill in.
Photos three, four, and five show literally tons of rocks placed for filler with lots of dirt tamped in place repeatedly as i went.

Step 2: Top Layer

After several weeks ,(months)lol,it became time to place a layer of sand to protect
bottom of pool from puncture.
Free sand was a mere twenty miles away, and all i had to haul with is a hard top jeep.
So three days of hauling and i got about four inches of sand as a top layer now.
Thanks for the help Chris you really saved me here.

Step 3:

Finally, i thought i have an outdoor pool to last forever
after all did i not just over kill on the base
for protection.
Well let me save you the guess work, the answer
is no, my pool only lasted one season.
As i set it up the following year the bottom developed massive holes
to big for repair.
$ Three hundred dollar pool is now cut up for awnings over windows of trailor $.
My next step was a small inflatable ring pool,the kind you inflate the ring then fill
up with water and it rises.
Three weeks later my cat fell in, and used his claws of death to save himself.
$ Another pool now used as emergency cover for projects i dont wish to get wet in the rain. $
I have no pics of the little one,it did not live long enough for that.

Step 4: A Strong Tub at Last

Along about now i am getting tired of "flimsy products",
time for overkill mode, personal favorite mode.
At a farm supply i purchased my new three hundred gallon stock tank,soon to be outdoor tub / jacuzzi ,if this thing
can survive cows,horses,and goats, all while sitting in a field
in winter,summer,spring and fall then it has got to be for me.

Even though my big pool was history,i still had the pump and filter,...
can you say overkill.
I took my big pool filter and pump and cut a hole same size as the one needed for set up on the pool, drilling holes
for screws to go through to the backing plate on other side.

In the picture with the collapsed cover, i had it propped up on my wifes
kitchen chair to make the angle easier to work with. Oklahoma weather time,... along
come a gully washing storm the awning collapsed from the sheer wieght of rainfall.
And in just such a manner as to fill the tub,did you notice the
now broken chair.
$ Awning +Chair $

Step 5: Patio Surface

Now as i set up my new tub, on a raised dirt mound, I became aware of
being surrounded by sand that i did not want in tub.
Time for an outdoor patio.
Gathering rocks from a slew,(country slang for a dry wash between several hills),
it is time to put my puzzle making skills together and start surrounding the tub with
a pattern of patio rock.
The main reason i wanted tub on a raised platform ,is i will eventually continue rock work
right up the side making tub look like a rock pond.

Step 6: Next Job Is to Surround and Cover With a Gazebo

First fill,...was exciting for me (i was hot).
After three days the sun made the  water very warm.
Time for a cover, which was done out of 2x2's,
and covered with a little bit of left over big pool plastic,
I figured at least I am still getting some use out of it.
Afterwards, the tempt stayed lower ,and bugs and leaves slacked off a bit as well.
As you can see from the pictures my new tub can hold about three people quite comfy,
any more than that and you just sit in one spot. It is enough to make any redneck proud.

Last picture is of myself (living like a king),
notice the water flow behind me this thing is like a whirlpool.

thank you for taking time out to inspect my work,any comment good or bad are welcome
as they will all help me make better instructables in the future



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This is the best idea I've seen, and beleive me I've searched, for a rapide hot jacuzzi DIY project :D I'm going to get searching for a stock tub, to be mt tub, right now. Thankyou. :D

Yeharr, Go get to the swimming hole Mary-Sue -- gotta love rednecks (or as we call them here Bogans)

Very good idea!

We had a remarkably similar story with our "Honey, this thing will last until the kid goes off to college, and then we'll have saved $$$$ on Y memberships" pool. Your second pool was our first, but neither lasted a whole season. Plus, we had to pay the city $$$ for water each time the damn thing leaked. But the kid is grown now, and I don't think that there is a farm store within 50 miles, so I'm happy we moved to an apartment where they fix all the pool leaks (had to put in another inground pool this year). I no longer have to wait for that magic Saturday when my husband will fix all the things he's promised to fix, and I can swim whenever I feel like it.

Thanks for all the information!

I tend to go overboard in the heavy duty department but it leaves me with a satisfied feeling that a project will last.

Life in the quiet country with no drama is the only way i can survive. I dont think i could tolerate a city or town life again.The magic days of my home repairs are wednesday and thursday as they are my unavailable days at work.

Sweet!!!!!!! great job.I thought about something like this to hold live fish before cleaning.

not to bad of an idea,...buried it would make a unfreezable fish pond

Bobby, You have gained the hard-won wisdom of experience. This is a great idea. I too have gone through two flimsy pools. The wife wants a pool. I think she will love this idea. You sir have perseverance and grit. Congratulations!