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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCcu6dr2Pqg cool water enjoyment our child, They are waiting for daddy to put down the phone and join.

This is the current stage of a five year project(it is constantly changing).
The reason it changes,i have a.d.d. and can never make up my mind.
What once started out as a pool is now an outdoor water tub / jacuzzi.
I ramble a lot,as this instructable will prove,but if you want to get
Here is a link for making the filter for this outdoor tub as well https://www.instructables.com/id/homemade-pool-outdoor-tub-water-filter/
to the good stuff just check photos your interested in, almost all have
reference points with explanations.
 Thank you for any and all criticism or more importantly words of praise.

If you are only interested in the outdoor tub and related parts,skip to step four, i quit rambling about there.
  I have recently figured out how to upload a brief video that shows the power of water flow.
I hope you enjoy it, my kid only just figured out the nozzle turns a few moments before.

Step 1: The Beginning

100+ degree weather was killing me,my solution get a above ground swimming pool.
After purchase of pool i realized my property is not level enough to just come home and set it up,
also my land has the unique ability to grow rocks,(large rocks )that grow even as your getting them
out of the ground to make it easier to mow.
This makes it actualy easier to build up than it is to level down,so it was decided,... a twenty foot pool
needs a thirty foot circle base.
Following the ground rules set forth by my rocky land, i also decided to copy the pattern(lots of rock
mixed with dirt for a strong base).
Hopefully this will make it not wash out in rain.
After using rock to surround the circle i laid out it ,became time to fill in.
Photos three, four, and five show literally tons of rocks placed for filler with lots of dirt tamped in place repeatedly as i went.
<p>Yeharr, Go get to the swimming hole Mary-Sue -- gotta love rednecks (or as we call them here Bogans)</p>
<p>Very good idea! </p>
<p>We had a remarkably similar story with our &quot;Honey, this thing will last until the kid goes off to college, and then we'll have saved $$$$ on Y memberships&quot; pool. Your second pool was our first, but neither lasted a whole season. Plus, we had to pay the city $$$ for water each time the damn thing leaked. But the kid is grown now, and I don't think that there is a farm store within 50 miles, so I'm happy we moved to an apartment where they fix all the pool leaks (had to put in another inground pool this year). I no longer have to wait for that magic Saturday when my husband will fix all the things he's promised to fix, and I can swim whenever I feel like it.</p>
<p>Thanks for all the information!</p>
I tend to go overboard in the heavy duty department but it leaves me with a satisfied feeling that a project will last.
Life in the quiet country with no drama is the only way i can survive. I dont think i could tolerate a city or town life again.The magic days of my home repairs are wednesday and thursday as they are my unavailable days at work.
<p>Sweet!!!!!!! great job.I thought about something like this to hold live fish before cleaning.</p>
not to bad of an idea,...buried it would make a unfreezable fish pond
<p>Bobby, You have gained the hard-won wisdom of experience. This is a great idea. I too have gone through two flimsy pools. The wife wants a pool. I think she will love this idea. You sir have perseverance and grit. Congratulations!</p>
In a funny way i enjoy it when things go wrong. after all how else can i learn except by trail and error.
<p>Great job</p>
thank you
My wife laughs, but I plan on doing a similar setup. Mine will be in-ground or at least partial. <br/><br/>Try using saltwater! It's natural, no chemicals needed.
Great idea! I'm researching hot tubs myself. About your 20' pool, I currently have one just like it. It's in it's 3rd summer of fairly heavy use. I never take it down for fear that something &quot;will happen to it&quot;, it can be quite a job preparing it for use after winter, (though the wife doesn't seem to mind, LOL).
It was the storing for winter that got me. As I put it away I failed to catch the partial chlorine tablet that got folded into liner. The next spring the tablet had worn a hole and weakened a large portion, I now use powder chlorine and dump it into the filter chamber and let it mix as it desolves and circulates into the tub.
I really enjoyed reading your instructable! Thanks for sharing the problems you encountered. They will help me avoid making the same mistakes. While I don't have any cats to destroy the pool like you do; I do have neighbors around me that do and they are so kind to let their vermin (opps, I meant &quot;cats&quot;) run loose to poop in my garden and spread fleas in my yard so I get to treat my yard and my dog for fleas on a regular basis (I just love the cost associated with that, too). I know there is a &quot;be nice&quot; policy but it is hard to &quot;be nice&quot; to cats that cause so many problems for me (OK, I got that out of my system). <br> <br>I just love the hard rubbermaid three hundred gallon stock tank. I think this will work great for you ... and me, too. <br> <br>The only criticism with your instructable is... please use capital letters at the start of each sentence and periods at the end of the sentence. It makes reading what you write so much easier. As you can tell from my writing, I make many mistakes so I can't be too critical. HOWEVER, if using capital letters and periods will prevent you from posting, don't use them. I would much rather struggle (OK, maybe &quot;struggle&quot; is to strong a word) reading what you write than you not writing at all. Please post more of these!
Thanks for the kind words and soft criticism.I often get into writing so fast i forget to think about my puntuation. I also build many projects from instructables,but never remember to take pics in the construction phase(todays large fish trap is an excellent example) but on a good note it had three fish in less than six minutes. i plan on making more instructables in the future and hope you like them as much as you liked this one
After thinking about your recommendation Bravery,i realized that even though i am not the best with punctuation,any attempt is better than none. I have edited the article to include capitols and periods,with the occasional pause or two. After proof reading ,it did appear as if my intelligence ,did in fact rise a notch or two. Thanks for the advice.(maybe now my english teacher(best friend) wont cringe as she reads this)lol
For the winter time. You should make an addaptor to heat it! Wood burning stove!! OOO baby hot tub time!!
you better believe i have been reading all the tub heating instructables on here wit much interest,and cooler towers as well for middle of summer,eventually all will be incorperated into my design with possibly water levers to change from one set up to another, currently i am surrounding it with an eight foot tall gazebo twenty feet around to be screen in to keep bugs out
Gratified to learn that big expensive above ground pools are designed to fail<br> after one season so to avoid them.<br> That rubber livestock water tank looks like it will last for years.<br> I live in Nevada land of hot springs populated by six and eight foot metal<br> livestock tanks for hot stubbing desert rats like me to enjoy.<br> <br> A<br>
the pools failure was just as much my fault as the cheap construction,i found the weak area resulted from a chlorine tablet in constant contact with bottom of pool while in storage for winter,but beside the obvious shrink in size i really like the new tub,soon to be converted with homemade solar warmer,and homemade cooler for my areas climate changes
just learned how to attach a video that shows the power of water flow
thanx for the feature instructables i was not expecting that much on my first attempt and the pro membership blew me away

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