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Introduction: Beat Your Fear in Parkour

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The hardest thing when you start parkour is fear holding you back. It stops you from being able to do things, it makes you imagine the worst that could happen, and many other bad things. In this Instructable, I will show you how you can master your fear and truly start on your path to freerunning and parkour awesomeness!

Step 1: Make Sure You Know What You Have to Do

There is no point in attempting something if you outright know you can't do it. If you think you may be able to, proceed to the next step!

Step 2: Think About the Good Things That Will Come of It!

DO NOT think about the bad things, this will set you off worrying about them, and you may not be able to attempt this. Think about the places you may be able to reach, or the people you can impress. Good, not bad. Remember that. You may proceed!

Step 3: Motivate Yourself

Tell yourself you are able to do it. If necessary, get friends to cheer you on. You can do this, come on! Proceed!

Step 4: Do It!

Just go for what you want to do! Remember what you have to do, and stay focused. And remember: if you do it, don't stop there, keep going with it! Make sure it wasn't luck! Get good at it before you do anything else!

Well done, you have hopefully beaten your fear by this point! Remember not to do anything way out of your league, move slowly upwards and make sure you get good at something before you move on. Happy freerunning!



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    if there is anyone who can help me plz do... i have an incredible jups power i can run on a wall up to 2 an a half meters... i wanna do a wallflip but im a fraid of the flip part... will i be able to do a flip from a meter and a half distance in the air... i allready done all cind of flips on the sand.... from hight 3 meters cuz i know im gonna make it by the time i fall.... i just wanna know can u kill ur self by doing it.....

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    dude same here. look i was gonna trie it on a crashmat, but then its still freaky, I'll send you a msg tellin u how.

    I have that same problem i take classes and were trying to learn wall flips. He said my technique and the air i get is perfect i just cant commit....

    The secret to parkour is not in courage, or going for it. If you say unpractised people should do the stuff from the image above than i dont know what to tell you.
    The key to parkour stuff :) is practice and training. If you practice and go one step at a time there is no fear. The trick is to know what you can and can not do at the given moment.

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    Theres no use practicing if you don't push yourself every time. By only practicing what you can do you will not get better. You need to take leaps, and fear can often hold you back.

    "Theres no use practicing" !? Well, with "my method", your progressing slower,but staying alive :)
    There is no fear if you know you can jump let say 3m distance every time, than you can do it. when a year later you can jump a 3.20m precision on the ground level every time, you can do it anywhere.No need for fear. I trust my instintcs,
    And think that the point is to know your limits, and then push them slowly, not going for it just because Stefane or Cyrill can do it. It takes time.:)
    I mean imagine a kid reading your article and flying like a pokemon from the balcony. Chears!

    Mmmm , kids need to fly sometimes and think all is possible, but u right, is better learn slowly ^^

    Ive learned that when I freerun I don't think. Sounds weird but when I stop thinking I know my body will know what to do, and when I think all I can think about is how it wont work. Basically, get to a stage where you can do it without the need to think. Besides, whats life without a bit of risks and fun involved? :)

    In real life, I am strong but I am really cautious like NOT EVEN FUNNY I dont think I could jump over a 2 ft gap with a fall of 200 feet. I can do it I am just scared

    This is a real life story-sort of well no but the point is that I am scared to almost do anything even a Speed vault I cant do( what if your leg gets stuck)

    if your Doing a shoulder roll properly, you won't land on your neck. You land with your feet slightly behind you, then dive into the roll over your shoulder. If you do it right, you'll stand up sideways, and it won't hurt at all, of course, it depends how far you're dropping from. I'm being taught by chad zwadlo at his new gym in Edina Minnesota If anybody's wondering. =P

    So; long story short..
    Just do it.

    As Nike would say. :p

    But really, this is a good instructable, it's true you just need to believe, I had to jump from a shed roof up to a higher porch roof the other day to clear out some eaves-troughs, and the first time I jumped it it took a lot, but after I did it once I had no problems going back and forth between the roofs.

    I was taught by an officially trained gymnast on how to do a backflip, or backsault as they called it, so all I did was practice running up walls (easier said then done) up to three steps, and by that time I was already horizontal, and with my knees bent a bit, I would push my foot upwards a bit and forwards, propelling myself off the wall, then I'd bring my knees to my chest (as trained) and flip over backwards, after kicking my legs out. The first time I did this I was spotted by my coach, and I overdid it and landed on my back on the crashmat.

    There are a few other tips you could add: Work your way up to it- if you are psyching yourself out for a 5 foot precision, but you can do a 4 foot one easily, get gradually farther until you make it. Practice it somewhere safe- if you aren't sure you can do a kong over a bench on a blacktop, do one on a couch in a carpeted room. That way if you face plant, the worst thing you will get is a little rug burn.

    Most of that is common sence and logic might help someone. Didn't help me much though.

    Seconded, and this seems like a pretty pathetic topic. Maybe one could be done on parkour training techniques or a simple intro to parkour or a how to on a specific parkour move/technique. This does not meet Instructables standards. The percentage of people who both have an interest in parkour and are too afraid to do parkour is significantly insignificant.

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    i would not agree with you. fear will paralyze people to a point where they will just quit. i do parkour and i cant tell you the times when ive chickened out on a stunt. this has some good tips.