Picture of Beatboxing: Crab Scratch
This is a cool Instructable on how to make a record scratch-like noise with your hand and your mouth. Hope you enjoy! :)
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Step 1: Things you'll need

Picture of Things you'll need
Things you'll need:
A hand (yours)
A mouth (sorry, Hello Kitty! and I was trying to be funny when I said that)
Lungs (yours)

Step 2: Lip Position

Picture of Lip Position
Put your lips in the bottle blow position. (If you're having trouble, look at the image)

Step 3: Hand Position

Picture of Hand Position
Put your hand out, but bend your hand like the images and put your thumb at the side and make a gap between your index finger and thumb.

Step 4: Making the sound

Picture of Making the sound
Put your mouth on the gap and inhale (suck in). If done right, it should make a whistling sound. To shape the sound, you can say stuff while inhaling without using your voice. For example, tooka tooka. Experiment with your mouth and tongue and find a good balance.
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I tried to teach my friend today but he got confused and started doing an impression of an old man on a phone... My friends are something...
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Lol that's funny you can still explain it to them.
I did it! I can do it!
ChipzAhoyMcCoy (author)  SkyProductions1 year ago
I know, it's cool! Anybody can do it and you can impress your friends! Like I said, to shape the sound, you can say stuff while inhaling without using your vocal chords, like tooka tooka, or tiddle weh tiddle weh/