The soapy love heart will thrill and amaze the one you love. Ignoring safety concerns of course.

This project combines the simplicity of a LED throwie (minus the magnet), some glycerine soap and some hot glue.

To make the heart unique I used a flashing LED. You can customise your soap by adding a fragrance - for this I used strawberry fragrance oil but if you've got cool love why not try tea tree and peppermint?

It flashes quite fast but you can fob your dearly beloved by saying 'my heart always beats faster when I'm around you'. I'm sure it'll get her in a lather!

Step 1: Your Equipment

The equipment is very simple.

- Pyrex jug/dish though any small based container will do (less surface area less wastage of glycerine)
- Plastic mould/mold (ebay)
- fragrance oil (health food shops/ebay - check it is for cosmetic use)
- glue gun & sticks preferably clear
- 10mm flashing LED - I chose red, though initially when making a non-heart soap I used a multicoloured one!) - you could use smaller
- 2032 battery
- glycerine melt and pour soap - clear can be used (as in this tutorial) but other styles such as opaque would work better

The only addition I added was a fork, sellotape (clear sticky tape) and plastic bag (not shown).

This is my first instructable, so be kind!

Here's a thought for a new idea. Instead of using the flashing LED, buy one of those musical greeting cards. I would suggest buying a romantic one. Then cut the small musical electronic circuit out of the card. Attach a magnet and reed switch as mentioned above to turn the romantic music on and off when you pick up the heart out of the soap dish.
Wet lithium battery? Explain the dangers, please. I really would like to know. =D<br/>
have you ever added lithium to water? as in the pure metal. if not, search on YouTube for it! hopefully that'll help you understand.
Oh, now I remember. lol.
you gave me one of them now and i would take it outside and smash it up im going through a hard time !!!!
To get rid of the bubbles simply spray the top with surgical spirits (rubbing alcohol in the US) immediately after pouring the soap - it reduces the surface tension of the soap and gets rid of most bubbles. I am currently writing a 'melt and pour soap' instructable - flashing lights aren't the only thing you can put in soap, but probably one of the most original! Mind if I link to this instructable?
bit late, but go ahead!
hehe! I was about to quote your tutorial. ;)
go for it
How about a not-flat-on-the-bottom version? Pour in 2 layers like in the instrucable, but have the 1st layer almost to the top of the mold, let harden, then add the LED and more soap to the top of the mold - the LED should stick out of the top about half its height. Let harden again. Remove from the mold. Now, turn this first side over to place it flat side down into the mold and mark or remember where its level is - how far down into the mold it goes before the mold slant is too small for it to sink further. Pour a new soap layer in 'til it's at the level mark from the first side, place the first side, flat side down, onto the still-liquid soap and let dry/harden. This should make a soap that is a rounded heart shape on top and bottom.
great tutorial.. thank you so much! I'll have to try this :)
I made one with a reed switch inside and stuck a magnet under the soap dish, so that the soap was only lit when it was picked up.
yeah we've been experimenting with different methods to get it to light up so that it can be switched off. A reed switch was one, but we're experimenting with a few others too ;-)
a reed switch is perfect. there really is no better way. a reed switch can be hidden away and the soap can be used, any other type of switch would cause possible shock and wouldnt allow it to be used.
Congrats!!! Really that is very cool project. Also how about to make vibrating soup?
I have a flashing LED in my pocket which whilst very much dimmer is still flashing after three weeks. (hope that answers some questions)
Here's the answer to 'what? LED? Single flashing?' <br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ballumination.com">http://www.ballumination.com</a><br/>less than $2 <br/>No, I don't work for them and not trying to spam anyone - sorry if this is poor form. Trying to help...;)<br/>
I like this concept! Nice and simple use of LED, which is good for me because I'm not electronically gifted in the least. Only problem is I don't have a mold and don't feel like buying one. Hmmmm, could I make one? Sure why not?
Ooh, neat! I'm going to try to make some, too. Thanks. : )
Well to be honest the idea of the soap is to be used (prolly 10 full body washes) - it'll only take a few washes and the soap itself will only last two weeks at most imho. The battery will last longer than the average throwie (which usually last two weeks) because it is flashing rather than being on all the time. You may get as much as a month. By then I'm sure you won't be worrying about how long the light will last! You'd need a waterproof switch which aren't very small afaik and probably a resistor if you're going that way. I'm working on simplicity. Make it a day or so before valentines and you'll be fine whatever happens.
cool thanks nice job great instructable
just one doubt, Will be the LED always turned on?
How long does the battery last? Too bad you can't turn it off so the light would last longer.
Anyother way of waterproofing is to use aryldite - mix up the resin and dip in - coating it totally. That'll make sure it never gets exposed!
Well done! Excellent photos. Sure to impress many a sweetheart this Feb.
This is a perfect Valentine's Day present! It's also a great mashup, and a great example of how to use Instructables.
man this is great to bad i dont have a glue gun... or a single flashing LED... or soap... or a lithium battery... or a mould... oh well i realy like it my fave valentines instructables yet
ill be making 2 of them for my love this valentines day thank you so much :) great instructable

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