Beats Radio: Hacking a radio for traveling business man/designer.

Picture of Beats Radio: Hacking a radio for traveling business man/designer.
Beats by Dr Dre bring you high quality music through very comfortable headphones. Beats Radio brings this same quality of music but through all your favourite radio channels. The radio is small and compact and can be transported via the handle at the top. The three types of headphones that Dr Dre manufactors will all be able to be placed on top of the radio. For the best comfort and fit we recommend using studio beats.
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Step 1: Taking Apart Sony Radio ICF-S22

Picture of Taking Apart Sony Radio ICF-S22
You need to start by taking apart your sony radio. This can be done by using a different array of hand tools. There are a couple of screws on the back on the radio so you will need to remove these. Then using a screw driver or another implement you need to pry open the radio and remove the casing. Once inside you will need to unscrew 2 more screws which attach the circuit board to the the plastic casing. Once you have done this then you have taken apart your radio. 

Step 2: Exploded Diagram

Picture of Exploded Diagram
This is the exploded diagram of the radio. 

Materials list:

x1 1000mm x 1000mm x 12mm (This should be a sufficient amount of MDF for the whole model)
x1 Tub Of Wood Filler
x1 Sony ICF-S22 Radio ( or any other small portable radio)
x1 Beats by Dr Dre Studio Headphones
x1 Push Switch
x1 Removable Battery Pack
x1 15mm dowel 
x1 PVA glue

Equipment List:

x1 Band Saw 
x1 Drill
x1 Hand Sander (or just a bit of sand paper)
x1 Wood Filler
x1 Primer Spray Paint
x1 White Spray Paint
x1 Soldering Iron
x1 Wrap of Multicord Wire
x1 Wrap of Solder
sdobbie2 years ago
I am sure a business man would much prefer to listen to radio on his smart phone.
PSPerson3 years ago
I don't get it.
JackGFisher3 years ago
Hey im Dr Dre and i'm suing you. Great design though!