This Instructable will show you how to take a single board and turn it into a unique wooden vase for displaying cut flowers. The vase itself is watertight, but it is not intended to hold water for extended periods as this can lead to warping if the water makes its way past the finish.

The size of the vase is completely up to you, but will be limited by the maximum cutting height of your band saw. (My band saw can only handle material up to 6 inches thick, so the maximum height I can make my vase is 6 inches)

Materials needed:

1 board, ¾ thick. Species is your choice, but pick something pretty. (Length and width dimensions will be determined in step one.)

Waterproof wood glue

Wood stain or oil.

Polyurethane or other clear coat finish (optional)


Spray adhesive or double sided tape

1 sheet of paper

Tools Needed:

Band saw

Table saw (or any other saw capable of making straight cuts)

Clamps, clamps, clamps


Belt sander or other power sander (optional)

Scissors or hobby knife

Step 1: Design

First draw how your vase will look when viewed from the front. The design is up to you, but try to make it somewhat “vase-like.” You can draw this freehand, or draw it on a computer. The picture shows the shape I am using for my vase.

Once you have a design you are happy with, draw it one more time, but actual size (if you didn’t already draw it actual size.) Make a few copies of your drawing; you only need one, but it is good to have extras. Use scissors or a hobby knife to cut out one of the vase drawings. You don't need to cut precisely on the lines, in fact it is probably best to cut slightly outside of the lines. We will be using this as a cutting guide later so you want your outline to be completely intact.

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