So, It sounds a little trashy, but it actually turns out quite beautiful. All in all, 2.50 for lights, 1.00 for the ornament hangers, and 1.00 for the nails, plus whatever for the beer (my boyfriend donated most of it!)

All you need is:

-Strand of outdoor Christmas lights (target has them for 2.50 for 100 lights). I chose white because I think they will look best!

-box of Christmas ornament hangers (the little wire things you put through the Christmas tree ornament and hand on the branches). The dollar store sells a pack of 300 for..well, a dollar. I'm sure you can use any wire you have, but I chose to dish out the extra $1.00 to have the wire match my strand of lights.

-beer bottles. I used 25 and hung them every fourth light. I also stuck with brown bottles too. Simply put, the more bottles you use, the heavier it gets and the more you have to drink (...negative??...) and the more beer you have to buy.

        -Tip: wash and drain the bottles, before fixing them to the strand. I just laid them upside down outside over night and all was good!

-beer bottle caps (as many as you have bottles) and as unbent as possible, but not really necessary since you will be punching holes in them any way

-heavier duty nails to hang the strand up with when you're done. They are heavier then small nails can handle.

- you will also need something to punch a whole in the bottle caps. I used an old un-serrated knife and my hand, but a flat head screw driver also worked (not as well) and of course a hammer for the pounding part!

-pliers of some kind were very handy, though not really a MUST!

Step 1: Step One: Bottle Caps

Step One: Bottle tops (after you empty your beers of course)

This really is the longest step, but the easiest.

Take your knife or flathead screw driver and punch an X through the top of the bottle cap. Try making a few practice punches first, if you can, in spare tops. You will want the X to be most of the diameter of the cap, but not make it down its side. 

Tip: I recommend punching from outside to inside. It makes the next step easier.

Do this to all you'r bottle caps.
your poor boyfriend having to empty all those bottles. you are a task master...oh how he must have suffered. lol clever idea i like it.

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