Beautiful & Cheap Bakery Lookalike Muffin Liners





Introduction: Beautiful & Cheap Bakery Lookalike Muffin Liners

Want to take your baked goods to the next level? Try elevating your liners by making your own! Cheaper than store-bought, and so much cuter too! So grab up some parchment paper, a pair of scissors, and if you're feeling extra-fancy, some ribbon or twine. We're turning our treats into the envy of the bake sale.

Step 1: Cut Your Parchment Paper

Select your parchment paper. You can typically find pretty designs at hobby lobby, Joanns, or in the seasonal end caps at Walmart. Basic white and brown also looks great.

The paper I'll be using today is Walmart's spring special.

Cut into approx 6"x6" squares.

Step 2: Press Into Tins

Take a square of parchment paper and press it into your increased muffin tin-pretty side down. You don't typically need to grease these. Press them down while filling with your muffin mix. It might be easier to have a friend hold the paper while you fill. The weight of the mix will keep the paper from popping up while baking.

*NOTE* Parchment paper can discolor at high temperatures. Avoid allowing it to touch the sides of your oven while baking.



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    Looks like a really fun alternative to normal cupcake liners!