Beautiful, Cute & Easy Keychain!





Introduction: Beautiful, Cute & Easy Keychain!

I am going to teach you how to make them. *Tip: before you begin any creation, I recommend to have all the materials you need ready and handy.

Step 1: Materials Nedded:

-key ring
-head pins
-pendants or charms
-wire cutters
-round nose pliers
-flat nose pliers
-chain nose pliers

Step 2: Cut & Attach

Cut the chain the desired length you want and attach it with the key ring.

Step 3: Wire Wrapping

Place your bead on your head pin and make a simple wrapped loop.
*Repeat with the others beads.

Step 4: All Beads Wrapped

After you have all the beads wrapped, place two beads in a jumpring.
*Repeat with the others beads and jumprings.

Step 5: Ready to Finish

You already have all the beads in the jumpring, then you place two jumpring (with two beads/total of four) on each side starting in the second chain.
*Repeat until you finish the desired length of the chain you choosen.

Step 6: Keychain Done!!

Tell me if it's not beautiful, fun & easy?
Hope you enjoyed it!!



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    That looks really nice. You should enter this into the jewelry contest that is currently running.

    Thank you?!! And yes!! I'm already enter the jewelry contest!!

    I have never used the wrapped loop before. Looks easy. I will try it. Thanks.

    Ohh really!! For me it's the best and I find it easy!! Have fun good luck?!!