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these earrings could be a present for a bride on her wedding. they are not hard to make but with these steps you will find it much easier to make. :)

Step 1: Polymer Clay

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To make these earrings you will need polymer clay to make the beads (i used fimo) you will need to colours of your choice i picked maroon and silver.

Step 2: Roll

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Roll the 2 colours into a sausage and then put them together and swirl them about then roll into a circle again and do the same thing to get a nice effect.

Step 3: Pull Apart

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Then get the circle and make 4 small balls and 2 bigger ones.

Step 4: Make a Hole

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With the wire that we will be using make a hole in every bead so that you can use them like normal beads.

Step 5: Cook

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Cook all the beads in the oven for 20 min at 110 degrees. They should look like this when cooked.

Step 6: ..

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you will only need one big bead and 2 small ones to make 1 earring.
you will also need some wire and glass beads.

Step 7: Thread

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On the longer piece of wire put on the glass bead then the small bead and then the glass bead the the bigger bead then the glass bead then the smaller one again and then the glass one at the end.

Step 8: Thread Again

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On the shorter piece of wire put on some glass beads like in the photo.

Step 9: ..

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you will now need some plyers and a crimp bead.

Step 10: Loop De Loop

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get the long wire and the short wire and put them together then get all the ends put the crimp bead on them then get a piece of end and make a loop with the wire. And then squish with your plyers.

Step 11: Cut

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With small nail scissors cut of the ends of the wire but not the loop.

Step 12: Attach

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attach a ring and earring to the loop with your plyers.

Step 13: Finished!!!

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and there you have your beautiful earrings just make another one and you will have a pair and these can be a beautiful wedding present to a bride :D


gabbsy123 (author)2011-08-01

Thank you :)

ChrysN (author)2011-08-01

Nice, I like the way you swirled the two colours together.

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