Beautiful Garden Flowers


Introduction: Beautiful Garden Flowers

Garden flowers



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    Those are azaleas. They grow in the south and bloom for about 2 weeks every spring - usually in March.

    they look a bit like Oleander. im not sure myself but i live in the UK and they are grown as houseplants.
    i need to ask how do you grow Cyclamen Persicum from seed and how to collect seed?

    Ooooo... pretty! What kind of flowers are those? And in what region are they growing? I have so many questions! Can you add some more info to describe these beautiful flowers?

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    Thanks for the feedback! (: I actually have no idea what kind of flowers these are. I do know that they're growing in the gulf coast region of the U.S. Around Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. And go ahead and ask all the questions you need, i can answer most!