Materials: nail polish remover (if needed) Nail polish remover pads (if needed) Nail polish clear coat Bright purple (base coat) Nail file Cuticle pusher

Step 1: Beginning

Remove nail polish so nails are clear

Step 2: Cuticle & Filing

Take your cuticle pusher and push all of your cuticles back as far as they can go and the file your nails to make them how you want them

Step 3: Base Coat

Paint all of your nails your base coat

Step 4: Finishing Up

Once you have painted all of your nails then put the clear coat on to make it shining new and then your done! Favorite, comment and please follow me also follow my friend socksmonkeysduckstape Cuz she's awesome!!
Omg I have that same color
Can u make a instructable on how to file ur nails? I can never do it (mostly cuz i hate the noise)
O haha cool @aqua12
I forgot my password for the first one so I made a new one so just ignore that other one and thanks!!
Nice job! And how come you have 2 accounts? #justtcurrioussss
I know lol and yhz
Cool!!!!! I made an instructable like that. I wasn't copying you, though. ;)

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