Introduction: Beautiful Painting - No Skills Needed

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If you have an artsy kid, you have lots of drawings. Even more than you can keep. You have them everywere, in a drawer, in a shelf, in a box at your basement. Well, how about they painted something so beautiful you could display in your living room.

I was making some watercolor paintings for my house and my daughter wanted to help. So I decided I'll let her make one. This is what I came up with, and I love it.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

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Clear contact paper

Watercolor paper





Step 2: Make a Design

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Draw and cut in the backing of the clear contact paper whatever you want. I took a picture of her profile, but you could draw or print a letter or other shape that matches your decor. Like a star, anchor, leaves, you name it.

Step 3: Stick It

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Peel off the backing paper and stick the contact paper in the watercolor paper.

Step 4: Paint

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Now let the kid paint, if you are picky like me, just provide the colors you want the painting to have.
I recommend you only use one color in different shades or two colors maximum.

Watercolors tend to get muddy and kids tend to over work them.

Step 5: Peel Off.

Picture of Peel Off.

Finally when the watercolor has dried off, peel off the contact paper. It looks amazing, no one could tell a kid made it!

Important: I´ve done this a couple of times with different brands of papers and the contact paper isn´t sticky enough to damage the watercolor paper. But I don´t know if the brand of paper you´ll use will perform different. So first test your contact paper and your watercolor paper in a little corner.


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