Picture of Beautiful Pompeii Style Decoupage Project (art included)
  This beautiful decoupage project has a lot of steps but is easy to do because I put together most of the design steps in the artwork. It is beautiful enough to use in your living room, or wherever you use recycled bags. My style is old world with a whimsical perspective and to achieve it I take samplings from history and alter them. In the Pompeii art, mostly from the Villa of Mysteries, I filled it in to be legible at a small scale and make it family friendly (no nudity). My decoupage is a unique twist from the classic style, because I build areas up dimensionally.

   The box I used was designed especially for this project by Steve Harvey Miniatures. It's beautifully made right here in America. I have seen much smaller boxes hand made for the price of this one. Your hard work on this box will last generations. Last I checked it was $32.50 including shipping. There will be other design themes for this box in the coming year. I have a Halloween theme that is hilarious.

   An important element of this project is a stamp called “arch element” made by Stamp Francisco. If you like architectural style boxes, this stamp will get a LOT of use. They have a super website.. Stamping on card stock will raise it a little above the background which is my own variation on decoupage.This stamp is $8.99 mounted, or $5.39 unmounted. It's a workhorse for any kind of box project. Miniature buildings are popular right now, too.

   Here is where I sing the praises of Dover Books. Without them much of the older visual ephemera of our world would be lost. They are a public service, and I still mourn the day they closed their New York City store. I have depended on them for instruction, magnificent images, and re-issuing out of print books all through my art career.

ANTQNUT5 years ago
Beautiful! I also love the crack finish. This would be cool to make a bird house out of =) Great job very clear instructions!

Crackle not crack
My bad >.<

tesseliot (author)  ANTQNUT5 years ago
Thank you for that idea. You know I was also thinking of a bat house, because they like the close fit, but the lid would have to be attached against the wind. I have been trying to find out if they texture the inside walls of bat houses. A board on the bottom inside, glued down, plus a new little hole on the front! I read an article that many places are making their bird house entries smaller so that cowbirds can't get in them--they lay eggs in other bird's nests like the cuckoo and are enjoying a population explosion. I am going to make sure and tell the carpenters about any multi-use Idea, and think up a decoupage for a bird house--which could be sealed with outdoor epoxy. Great idea!
Thanks! Ya I heard about that too. This is my new account =) (so same person)
ChrysN5 years ago
Wow, great project, I love the crackle finish.
tesseliot (author)  ChrysN5 years ago
Thanks! I only wish manufacturer's would stop messing with crackle kits. The best one on the market, Anita's, went out of business!  It was all the rage, and then suddenly no longer "cool."