Step 23: Seal, Screw on Hardware, and Felt

  Seal that hard work with a good matte spray varnish. Glossy is too shiny, but a decent matte  varnish will protect that layer of paper embedded in Mod Podge. I actually give my boxes a minimum of five coats, because they get a lot of use! In traditional decoupage, it would be a minimum of 25 coats to embed all the paper designs (every piece is embedded in the varnish layer), but I prefer my dimensional style. Mount the hardware on the back, and glue on felt or cork at the bottom corners to protect the wall it hangs on. I have had some customers not hang it at all, but keep their box on a counter.  I just use tacky glue for the felt and used three layers of felt squares. You will have many years of use, and the box will always look beautiful. Give it a gently cleaning monthly and a couple of new coats of sealer every several years.  I use these boxes in the kitchen, bathroom and studio. They make memorable, unique gifts and are such a good way to recycle plastic bags.
Beautiful!&nbsp;I&nbsp;also love the crack finish. This would be cool to make a bird house out of =) Great job very clear instructions!<br /> <br />
Crackle not crack <br /> My bad &gt;.&lt;<br /> <br />
Thank you for that idea. You know I was also thinking of a bat house, because they like the close fit, but the lid would have to be attached against the wind. I&nbsp;have been trying to find out if they texture the inside walls of bat houses. A board on the bottom inside, glued down, plus a new little hole on the front! I&nbsp;read an article that many places are making their bird house entries smaller so that cowbirds can't get in them--they lay eggs in other bird's nests like the cuckoo and are enjoying a population explosion. I&nbsp;am going to make sure and tell the carpenters about any multi-use Idea, and think up a decoupage for a bird house--which could be sealed with outdoor epoxy. Great idea!<br />
Thanks!&nbsp;Ya&nbsp;I heard about that too. This is my new account =) (so same person)<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Cheers,<br /> Meheh<br />
Wow, great project, I love the crackle finish.<br />
Thanks! I&nbsp;only wish manufacturer's would stop messing with crackle kits. The best one on the market, Anita's, went out of business!&nbsp; It was all the rage, and then suddenly no longer &quot;cool.&quot;&nbsp; <br />

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