Step 7: Prepare the Art for Decoupage

  Prepare a damp pad of paper towels (not dripping wet) for the artwork to be glued down. Make sure your spritzer is full of water. Make sure you have good lighting where you work, so that you can see any small air bubbles that need to be pushed out. Fixing a trapped air bubble is a decoupage artist's nightmare, so watch out for them. You can push them gently out toward the edge with your brush, while lubricating the surface with a generous bit of Mod Podge to protect it.

  Make another copy of the top molding for the top part of the floor: you are only going to use the straight top lines and the dentil molding. Keep adding cut-outs to the tray as you go.

Do not pull at all on the damp paper as you lay it down. I have been doing this for a long time, but still tore one piece. Smooth it into place with the brush, moving from the middle outward. You will find that it moves easily under the brush if you have laid down enough of the Mod Podge.
  Always keep your brush in a jar of water; dried Mod Podge is impossible to get out of a good brush. Do not use natural bristle brushes with water mediums in projects like this: the bristles absorb water and can become too soft. Bristle ends can scratch the toner right off the paper.
Beautiful!&nbsp;I&nbsp;also love the crack finish. This would be cool to make a bird house out of =) Great job very clear instructions!<br /> <br />
Crackle not crack <br /> My bad &gt;.&lt;<br /> <br />
Thank you for that idea. You know I was also thinking of a bat house, because they like the close fit, but the lid would have to be attached against the wind. I&nbsp;have been trying to find out if they texture the inside walls of bat houses. A board on the bottom inside, glued down, plus a new little hole on the front! I&nbsp;read an article that many places are making their bird house entries smaller so that cowbirds can't get in them--they lay eggs in other bird's nests like the cuckoo and are enjoying a population explosion. I&nbsp;am going to make sure and tell the carpenters about any multi-use Idea, and think up a decoupage for a bird house--which could be sealed with outdoor epoxy. Great idea!<br />
Thanks!&nbsp;Ya&nbsp;I heard about that too. This is my new account =) (so same person)<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Cheers,<br /> Meheh<br />
Wow, great project, I love the crackle finish.<br />
Thanks! I&nbsp;only wish manufacturer's would stop messing with crackle kits. The best one on the market, Anita's, went out of business!&nbsp; It was all the rage, and then suddenly no longer &quot;cool.&quot;&nbsp; <br />

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