another laptop case? Yes - wen I make my firs Instructable this idea come in my mind. Fist is a very cheap and simple case, how everybody can make, but I don`t put accent to design
This is a more elaborate design solution, but I maintains green materials (98%) for a cheap and ecological solution.
Probable, at this dimension, can fit 2 OLPC, but I make for an 15,4" laptop (I don`t have one OLPC to measure and try) .

Is a perfect case for any laptop: low cost, shock-absorption, relatively easy to make, reusable, biodegradable, and have a beautiful design

RO version:

alta carcasa de laptop? Da, ideea mi-a venit cand am facut prima carcasa, pe care am incercat sa o fac cat mai simpla si ieftina, astfel incat sa si-o poata permite oricine, sau sa o poata prelua o fabrica care sa o faca pentru laptopurile ieftine gen OLPC.
Noua versiune este cu un design mai elaborat, dar am incercat sa mentin utilizarea de materiale ecologice (98% - are 8 suruburi de metal), si sa obtin un produs ieftin si relativ usor de realizat.
Probabil, ca la dimensiunile la care am facut eu geanta (testat cu un HP de 15.4"), incap 2 OLPC-uri, dar n-am avut un OLPC ca sa-l masor :)

Consider ca este o geanta foarta buna pentru un laptop (totusi perfectabila): pret mic, foarte buna protectie la socuri, relativ usor de realizat, din materiale reciclabile, si (zic eu) cu un design deosebit.

Step 1:

First you make design (I use Inkscape software- is free), and in this step you can establish design : I make a "swellings - pocket" for AC adapter, cable and numerical keypad.

After this be sure you have all materials and tools:
- 1 piece of 3,5mm corrugated cardboard (1600x560mm), or more small pieces , but quite hight to not cut components'
- 2 piece of 6mm corrugated cardboard (1600x560mm), or more small pieces ... - " -
- 1 piece of 3mm plywood (70x48mm)
- 1 piece of hemp tape (1500x60mm)
- 8 screws (4x80mm)

- cutter (if you have patience and time ), or a laser cut machine (eeeeee..... wonderful Epilog ;) )
- wood/paper glue, transparent after dry,
- boring mill and 3,5mm wimble/drill
- drafting ruler
- pencil

And, of corse .... passion.

All my images is before dry glue - I hurried to participate to contest :)

RO version:

Pentru inceput am facut schita (in Inkscape - este un program gratuit), si in aceasta faza puteti face si eventualele modificari de forma, sau adauga diverse accesorii (locasuri pentru memorystick, tel mobil, etc.) - eu i-am facut un "buzunar" pentru alimentator si mini-tastatura numerica..

Inainte de a va apuca de treaba, asigurativa ca aveti toate materialele si sculele necesare:

- 1 bucata carton ondulat de 3,5mm grosime (1600x560mm), sau bucati mai mici, dar in care sa incapa piesele de decupat,
- 2 bucati de carton ondulat de 6mm grosime (1600x560mm), sau bucati mai mici ... - " -
- 1 bucata de placaj sau placa lemn groasa de 3mm (70x48mm) - pentru balamale si prinderea panglicii suport,
- 1 bucata panglica canepa (1500x60mm)~- am gasit in magazinele de bricolaj,
- 8 suruburi (4x80mm), la 2 se vor taia capetele (pt. balamale)

- cutter (daca averi rabdare si timp) , sau un echipament laser (eeee... ce bun ar fi un Epilog ;) )
- clei de hartie/lemn, care devine transparent dupa uscare
- masina de gaurit si burghiu de 3,5mm
- rigla, creion, radiera

Si bineinteles - multa pasiune si placerea de a face asa ceva.

Imaginile puse de mine sunt inainte de a se usca cleiul - intre timp a devenit transparent :) - m-am grabit sa-l inscriu in concurs.
Bravo omule super fain , si ingenioasa ideea
Very good job! <br>Quite ecological. <br> <br> <br>Daniel Domingos
I was going to send this page to someone, but when I saw the version when I am not logged in, I was horrified.
making this for my Acer Aspire One! :)
Hi, I love your proyect!! i really do!!... i have freehand but my first try i almost cry, it was .... no words ... if it's not to much ... can u send me your proyect for some help... I'll try to do my best.... sorry the english... I speak spanish!! and again your work is great!! rizodepetroleo@gmail.com
Hi, a have a HP mini and i want to make my cardboard case, but i didn't know how to use the inkscape to design it. Can yoy design the pices for me or send a tutorial. My mail is paulina.arreola@gmail.com The laptop dimensions are: 8.9” screen 2,7cm. x 25,5cm. x 16,5cm Thanks :D
Hi, you can use any vectorial program: CorelDraw, Autocad, Freehand, Adobe Illustrator,Q-cad, Aviary.... If you have one of this, I can send my project in format that you need. I`m sorry, but I don`t have enougnt time to make custom project. Try to www.myfav.ro (english version).
That's a nice case, only I would make it without the 'swollen' side. Will try it defintely.
For someone so obsessed with keeping green that they won't go and buy any decent laptop case, why do you have a laptop with harmful (environmentally) materials in the first place? Doesn't it defeat the purpose?
I don`t by obsessed for nothing; I try (with my power) to make green life but not only: I love design. I don`t like some things only because is green and have ugly design<br/>If you read even paragraph 3, from my Intro, you find the answer. <br/>About me: I change 2 desktop &amp; CRT monitor from home and office (big energy consumer) with one laptop - is first step. Ooo.. and I like my bike :)<br/><br/>Offtopic: for HP Eco Solution please read this website: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/globalcitizenship/environment/">http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/globalcitizenship/environment/</a> <br/>
Interesting idea :) RO: Interesanta idee :)
Looks great. Several questions. This looks to cushion the laptop. But it looks like moisture would get in. (or did I miss a step) Any ideas on how to make it water proof? How does the hing hold up to repeat & long term use? I don't know if this would work, but if you had access to a bandsaw, I wonder if the pieces could be stacked and cut together. Thanks for a nice design
Oooo.. you don`t read all instructable and comment :(<br/>My ideea is to use for cheap laptop for kids (like OLPC), only summer (or in equator country - he wish to rain sometimes). <br/>Other users - opposite pole - is people who like design, ant want to be admired for original design :)<br/>I response to <strong>andreiad</strong>: Is not a &quot;rain case&quot; but is possible to cover with ecological plastic foil when rain.<br/>Is not problem to repeat hold up , but I sugest to put 3-4 hinge, not only 2; for long term use.<br/>Now I use to carry a HP DV5 (2.7Kg) and is very easy to use. (And for girls is like a Ferrari : Oauuuuu.... is a new Gucci bag? I wannnttttt.....:) )<br/>
This is great, i saw the creator of these recently on boing boing i think. I suggest putting a link to the original artist in the intro, just so people can see what his original was like, and how you made it better.
Hi, I`m sorry, I don`t know this artist. Please send me this link, or put here to see.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.gilesmiller.com/">http://www.gilesmiller.com/</a><br/>Thats the guy, he was featured on make and a few other blogs about a week or 2 back, so i _assumed_ you had seen it there! Be sure to check his out, there is all sorts that he has made using the same technique.<br/>
Oau ... is wonderfull how make this guy - much better like my case. He give me more new ideea. Unfortunately I don`t see this her work until now - contrar your supposition ( I don`t have so much time to spend on Internet). If I see this site until now, I sell my project and I buy myself Epilog laser :)) So probabily I don`t invent the wheel :(, but I`m amateur, he is a profesional designer. Now I think to sell my laptop case with more 180 British Pound Sterling (like her), because is more big !! :)) I`m sory, but I can not sell with this price, because I spend maxim 15Euro for materials and some of my time - is not fair for me. I give this ideea and project for all who need, for FREE. PS. sorry for my bad english.
Your English is perfectly easy to understand, don't worry.
Agreed! In fact, I enjoy reading things from people from other places, it's interesting and often makes me smile. :)
so pretty... Is possible to make bijoux from cardboard? I`m a fan :)
how dose this fair at keeping the laptop cool?
I`m sory, but - because my english is not so good, I don`t understand how you see. And google translator don`t help me :) Plese use other usual word. Thanks.
He means: How well does this work for keeping the laptop cool.
Now I understand :) First time I don`t understand very good, because I think is logical: corrugated cardboard have enough holes, and air flow in all direction. Is not a "rain case" but is possible to cover with ecological plastic foil when rain.
Wow....! I want to buy urgently 6 like this for my colleagues. We have Asus Eee Pc. You sell online, or in other online store?
I`m sorry, I don`t sell - but is free, you can make and improve. If you want, I send project/scketch in Inkscape.
That is a beut! I luvz!
Nice design and instruction. Thanks for showing.
LOL its kinda funny to see an instructable on a laptop case for a DV5t when i am also using one right now
I explain on my first <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/corrugated-cardboard-laptop-case/">instructable</a>- is a project/ideea dedicated to like OLPC laptop, but because I don`t have one, I measure/make for this HP. <br/>Some guy sell one case like this, with 180 BP :) - in this case is a luxury product.<br/>
too best design for this site :) But is wonderfull if all this guys/girls work little more to design, not only to functionality of ideea. Good work - send more. Put your ideea on Ponoko.com and sell !
wow...lotta work....looks pretty cool though
yes - 2h to glue, glue, glue....

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