Beautility: an Eco, Easy and Elegant Beer Bottle Shelf.





Introduction: Beautility: an Eco, Easy and Elegant Beer Bottle Shelf.

Paper and beer bottles -- things that we often find stacking up at home. Well, what if you were given something to do with them, and made at the same time space for other things that are piled up and that you want to display?

Using waste paper, empty bottles, and some time and energy, here's an eco-friendly shelf. It's simplicity at it's best.

Who thought drinking beer could actually come in handy?
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Step 1: Gather Your Material


 wild amounts of paper (could be newspaper, cardboard, magazines, etc.)
 beer bottles

 a scrubber

 a plastic sheet 

for mold:

 pieces of wood 



Step 2: The Mold

You can chose your shape and dimensions.

I've chosen a regular rectangle.

Cut the pieces to size. Hammer in the nails. 

Your mold is ready.

Step 3: The Paper Pulp

Soak the paper overnight in a bucket of water.

Shred into bits and make it a pulp.

You can add colouring at this point if you like. 

Step 4: The Shelves

Squeeze out some of the water so that pulp is semi-dry (having it too wet will take longer and make your shelves shrink further, whereas it being too dry would make them crumbly).

Place your mold above the plastic sheet. Fill in the mold 1 and 1/2 inch high.

Make well spaced holes, not too close to the edge, in zigzag like in the picture. (make them larger than necessary, they shrink)

Remove the mold carefully and repeat process for the other shelves.

Leave them to dry. It should take 2 days in a bright tropical sun.
(I suggest you put weights over the shelves at night, they tend to warp)

Step 5: The Bottles

Scrub/peel the labels off. Of course, you can leave them on if you want to.

Step 6: Assembly

Slot them in the holes, like in the pictures.

Your basic shelf is done!

Step 7: Extra Features

If you want to spice it up, here are things i suggest:

 grow creepers inside the bottles

 light up the bottles with Christmas lights

You can also paint the shelves and bottles to your liking. I chose not to.

Step 8: The Finished Shelf!



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    well done, re/upcyclingsuperhero!

    what did you use for the coloring?

    I dint use any coloring! when i created the pulp out of newspapers and cardboard this was the color i got! And i liked it so i kept it.

    This project is great! :) I love what you've done with the paper pulp and can't wait to give it a go!

    Thank you! I cant wait to see some pics! :D

    PER - FE- CT !!!!
    Imagination +++
    Inventiveness +++
    Beauty +++++
    Fun +++++
    Eco friendly +++
    Practicality ++
    etc … +++++
    AND : Beer drinking ++++++++++ !!!

    Thanks for sharing !

    This is such a great project! I had already seen something similar but definitely not made with don't need any glue in the paper pulp to keep it together and make it harder? I love this!

    Thank you so much! No you don't need any glue to hold it together, you'll be surprised how hard it becomes!

    Awesome project with awesome photos. How much weight can each shelf hold?