Picture of Beautility: An eco, easy and elegant beer bottle shelf.
Paper and beer bottles -- things that we often find stacking up at home. Well, what if you were given something to do with them, and made at the same time space for other things that are piled up and that you want to display?

Using waste paper, empty bottles, and some time and energy, here's an eco-friendly shelf. It's simplicity at it's best.

Who thought drinking beer could actually come in handy?
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Step 1: Gather your material

Picture of Gather your material

 wild amounts of paper (could be newspaper, cardboard, magazines, etc.)
 beer bottles

 a scrubber

 a plastic sheet 

for mold:

 pieces of wood 


antioch2 years ago
well done, re/upcyclingsuperhero!
antioch antioch2 years ago
what did you use for the coloring?
Pushan Panda (author)  antioch2 years ago
I dint use any coloring! when i created the pulp out of newspapers and cardboard this was the color i got! And i liked it so i kept it.
sweetbippy2 years ago
Absolutely ingenious!
This project is great! :) I love what you've done with the paper pulp and can't wait to give it a go!
Pushan Panda (author)  MissMonkeyXXX2 years ago
Thank you! I cant wait to see some pics! :D
vincent75202 years ago
PER - FE- CT !!!!
Imagination +++
Inventiveness +++
Beauty +++++
Fun +++++
Eco friendly +++
Practicality ++
etc … +++++
AND : Beer drinking ++++++++++ !!!

Thanks for sharing !
lindarose922 years ago
This is such a great project! I had already seen something similar but definitely not made with paper...you don't need any glue in the paper pulp to keep it together and make it harder? I love this!
Pushan Panda (author)  lindarose922 years ago
Thank you so much! No you don't need any glue to hold it together, you'll be surprised how hard it becomes!
Awesome project with awesome photos. How much weight can each shelf hold?

Pushan Panda (author)  GorillazMiko2 years ago
Thanks! With the the thickness ive used, you can put around 5-7 kilos..
If you need it to take more weight, you can make them thicker.
Zevion7 months ago

the shelf looks unstable for practical use, but for deco purpose it looks cool.

gofish802 years ago
sunshiine2 years ago
I see a winner here! thanks so much for sharing your re/upcycling project and do have a splendorous day!
drwebster2 years ago
that is so nifty
godbacon2 years ago
wonderful, you make great use of your materials
handprints2 years ago
Just Paper? Just Amazing!! I like your shelves a lot!
RingoWild2 years ago
Great idea! I tried to make paper "bricks" but i think they were too thick so they didn't dry properly. Also, i live in the Northland (Pennsylvania), and we don't have the sun's intensity that i think is needed. Did you think about using some kind of binder for the shelves... such as flour? Thanks again!
Pushan Panda (author)  RingoWild2 years ago
If you use any kind of organic binder, it can catch fungus when its drying.
And about your bricks, you could low-heat oven dry them! But make sure there is some kind of weight on the bricks, they will warp.
ClareBS2 years ago
That is so quirky and cool, also a well prepared instructable with excellent step-by-steps.
Pushan Panda (author)  ClareBS2 years ago
Thanks! :D
zews2 years ago
isn't this a bit dangerous since the shelving not the safest in the world. all it takes is a running kid who is not looking were he is going to knock the whole thing over and shatter it and voila glass everywhere.
antioch zews2 years ago
now that's an easy one: recycle those running kids before they can do any harm (cat food, soap, bones for anatomical education - you name it!)
antioch antioch2 years ago
seriously, your warning is surely valid and a good one. especially in the USA.

but i would have thought most instructables readers and everyone with an ounce of brains left is going to consider visiting kids before putting this up.

and in case there is a high chance of amok kids running rampage then it's probably very advisable to either us (uncool) plastic bottles or look for ways to attach the shelve to the wall or make it somehow more stable (maybe broader boards, more space between bottles and the edge, etc.)
786Ayesha2 years ago
Great idea,Looking nice,Have to keep an eye with the kids.
I like this alot. The idea of growing the creepers in the bottles is cool, but i feel like a bottom board that the bottom bottles are fixed to would make it more structurally sound. All and all a good idea, but i think ill just use wood since the paper shelves seem like a pain.