Picture of Beaver Teeth Earrings
One day while fishing a small creek,  I spotted a strange, small object in the water.  I picked it up and determined it to be a beaver's tooth, and  I stuck it in my pocket and went on..  A few weeks later while fishing on the same creek,  I came upon the matching half of the tooth I had found earlier. When I got home I looked at both teeth together and thought to my self, "what better way to class up your ears than to hang rodent teeth from them" and I have been making Beaver Teeth Earrings ever since. I now go to my friend who traps beavers to get the teeth.
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Step 1: The First Step

Picture of The First Step
Photo 1
First take the beaver teeth and give them a nice light sanding to remove dirt & stains,  then figure out the how long you want your earrings and then make your cut.

Photo 2
I like to cut at a angle to allow for better hanging presentation 

Photo 3
Now I apply two coats of polyurethane and allow a day of drying for each coat

Photo 4
While waiting on the teeth to dry I pick out a cap for the teeth.  I have chosen acorn caps for this set. 

Step 2: The Other Step

Picture of The Other Step
Photo 1
Drill a how throw the middle of your acorn caps

Photo 2
Cut your eye pin to fit in side your teeth

Photo 3
Finally you stick all the pieces together with some super glue and the necessary hardware and  you're done! (I of course was out of glue but you get the idea)

Other photos
Some examples of beaver teeth earrings as well as my crawrings
I made some and made a video of the process!
valkgurl2 years ago
Seriously? The next time you get flooded--remember--BEAVERS are NATURES flood control engineers.

And pretty sure I saw one eyeing YOUR front lawn as their next project.

Don't kill beavers;--------what did they ever do to YOU????
Angeldeth2 years ago
"I now go to my friend who traps beavers to get the teeth." What?????
83. (author)  Angeldeth2 years ago
You don’t have a friend who beaver traps? Sounds to me like your hanging out with the wrong crowd.
canida 83.2 years ago
I need beaver-trapping friends.
3366carlos2 years ago
very cool. i would leave the teeth full length thou.
I'm thinking cut the teeth as here, but use studs and attach the second piece to the earring back for the "through the ear" look.
fred272 years ago
I have a bag of badger noses. I wonder if they'd make nice cufflinks?
83. (author)  fred272 years ago
Not a bad idea
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Interesting use for the teeth, I personally like it. I'm also digging those crab claw earrings, more picture please!

THIS is the strangest guide I've seen