Everyone's favourite mutant rhino and warthog! Who wouldn't want to be the bad guys from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Halloween?!

Step 1: What You'll Need

We had many of the materials we needed already at home, the rest we found at thrift shops, craft stores and costume shops.

You'll need:
* plaster strips
* vaseline
* 2 baseball caps or other tight fitting hats
* newspaper or other scrap paper
* white glue
* thin cardboard
* masking tape
* plastic cups (optional)
* costume mohawk (any purple wig hair would do but I happened to pick up a couple mohawks on sale last year)
* fake fur - we used less than 1.5 meters
* scrap fabric
* sewing machine or needle and thread
* hot glue gun
* coat hanger or similar wire
* elastic
* needle and thread
* air dry clay
* paint
* hairspray
* binder rings
* craft paints
* cheap "skateboarding & trick roller skating" helmet
* rope
* plaster of paris and sandpaper (optional)
* cheap safety goggles
* foam core
* 2 bottle caps
* 3 long-sleeved undershirts
* upholstery foam (the kind they sell in square packs to replace chair cushions will work well)
* red faux leather jacket or vest
* beige tank top or white muscle shirt and tea
* batting or stuffing (I used leftovers from other projects and some of the insides of an old pillow)
* 2 pairs of large work gloves
* coffee
* large wide cargo pants (black for Bebop, camo or khaki for Rocksteady)
* giant shoes (worthy of their own instructable)
* plastic bullets
* skull and bone necklace
* toy guns
* studded choker
* foam craft balls
* pins
* wire
* velcro
* toy grenades
WOW. These are awesome. Great job.
These look fantastic! <br>Brings back childhood memories, too.
FREAKING GREAT outfits!!!!
Wow! those costumes look fantastic!!
can the helmet still be used as a bike helmet?
Without the hard plastic shell, I don't think it would be safe to use as a bike helmet.<br> <br> If you want to continue to use it as a helmet, I would suggest making the modifications on top of the hard plastic and keeping everything intact under the papier mache.
Amazing costumes, and great write up! Just looking at the pictures instantly took me back to watching TMNT cartoons after school when I was a kid.
Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! The greatest.
<br> Quality - how many people wanted to be Shredder eh?<br> Lovely.<br> <br> L
Hey Mod! Sweeeet! You did an amazing job! I wondered where you have been! Sunshiine
Cowabunga, dude!
Most amazing costumes!

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