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I was goofing around the other day and took a slew of macro shots of some cpu's I just recently pulled out of some dump computers (literally were in the dump). I certainly need to get a tripod. period. Let me know what you guys think if any of these shots are any good.


zack247 (author)2011-03-31

yep that is indeed the temp sensor, although in a pc as old as the one im assuming it came from (compaq deskpro?) it never really served any purpose.

and dont we all have plenty of old ram around? it seems the older it is the more we seem to have, even when we arent looking for it :P

junits15 (author)2009-07-22

17th picture from the end is of a quantum hard drive I presume? :) quantum fierball maybe? :)

junits15 (author)junits152009-07-22

oh and what in the world happened to that drive?! did you put sand in it?!?!

Punkguyta (author)junits152009-07-24

No actually the poor quantum's spinning platters met with an unfortunate white eraser.

junits15 (author)Punkguyta2009-07-24


canida (author)2008-12-03

Ooh, shiny. Definitely get/make a tripod. They run $20+, and even a cheap one will greatly improve macros.

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