Picture of Becketts Revenge Cocktail
This is my first instructable and i hope someone likes it.
This is my own concoction. I called it Becketts Revenge as i am a big fan of the Irish writer Samuel Beckett.  He spent a long time in Paris so i used Cointreau. He was Irish (like me) so i used  Jameson Whiskey and the Baileys makes a smooth transition between them.

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Step 2:

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Pour enough ice into a cocktail shaker to fill it a quarter full, then add all the ingredients and shake thoroughly.
Strain into an irish whiskey or Lowball Glass. Garnish with a green leaf (mint or orange)
A shamrock would be best.
blacjack13 years ago
Just made one and it is frigging awesome sweet sticky such a luxurious feeling in the mouth, rich and creamy
maninamousesuit (author)  blacjack13 years ago
glad you liked...its a great party drink :)
It is indeed a most delicious party drink
maninamousesuit (author) 5 years ago
 oh yes it is most delicious...i never had one sent back .....its orangy sweet and strong
That sounds like a little bit of delicious evilness.