Picture of Become Famous
If you are reading this, it's probably your dream to Become Famous one day. But Becoming famous is not as hard, as everyone makes to be.

The hard part is keeping that celebrity status.

Go on any Social Media site, like YouTube and you will see people becoming celebrities overnight by doing almost anything.

Just look at someone like Antoine Dodson (If you are reading this article, you should know who he is, but if you don't, just Google him). Due to the popularity of his video, his interview resulted in an Auto-Tuned song that has sold thousands of copies on iTunes and appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Adding to that, even an iPhone app was created after him.

That is all good and what not, he became somewhat rich, and got some spotlight, but that's as far he was able to go.

When was the last time you heard of him?

So if it is your goal to JUST become famous and be forgotten about within a month, then skip to the end of the article. But if you want to become famous and retain your celebrity status keep on reading.

In order to become famous and at the same time grow on your newly acquired celebrity status, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Create a Celebrity Image
Step 2: Find Your It Factor or Decide on a Reputation
Step 3: Get Exposure

Now remember, this is only a tiny preview of what becoming famous is all about, you can't possible fit a complete "how to become famous guide" in a small article such as this one.

So if you really want to become famous, check out Destined For Fame, The Blueprint and take a firsthand look at the world's first and greatest How To Become Famous Guide, at http://www.DestinedForFame.com

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