Picture of Become Rocket Engineer!
Have your parents, grandparents or friends told You that You can be anyone? So, why not to become rocket engineer?! Without graduate Physics on MIT!
I'll show You how to build rocket and launching platform, how to made rocket fuel and safely ignition method.

Things, You need:
Big paper clip
Aluminium foil, 6 x 2 cm

Also, You will need some tools:

Step 1: Launching platform

Picture of Launching platform
Take a paper clip and bend it out to get a triangle-shaped base with one part pointing up. Angle between base and those last part should be about 45 degree.
Parker_r52 years ago
Nice but a little more instruction like where to light it and stuff like that.


cube000 (author)  Parker_r52 years ago
To be honest, I completely don't know, what can I add more. You have to heat up the firestarting powder inside rocket. Aluminium has very good heat conduction, so when you are heating whole rocket, it fires. Simply.
mz2015 cube0002 months ago

and add more powder and more layers of aliminium the powder should be about 5 grams per layer

Tuấn MinhL2 months ago

i failed

theegghead made it!11 months ago

Houston, we have a problem... my launch didn't end very well! The mid-burn rocket fuel bursted out the side (too thin probably!) and burned me! But wait! there's more! it then flew... WITH THE LAUNCHER STILL ATTACHED!!! (maybe I went overkill on the fuel!) Anyways, I still got a kick out of it and enjoyed building it!

Amazing flies great and very simple!!!!!!!
burgle1 year ago
I like this its very simple and works greatly!
nerd74731 year ago
that is so cool
i trued to make something like this a while back except i put 100 match tips inside of a tin foil body and used a sparkler as a fuse, it would have been awesome except that i had duct tape on the launch pad so it melted and the rocket got stuck and eventually just exploded instead of taking off
benoand192 years ago
That's cool
crazyzebb2 years ago
launch em at da Nats... cz
jcai42 years ago
yay chris hadfield!
Znaffi2 years ago
That is awesome :D