Summertime and the livin' is easy. A good time for some magic. But how to become a soap bubble magician? I made a step by step guide with tips, a video and photo's.
The last four years I did a lot of performances with giant soap bubbles in my home town and on festivals. I do this because; I am fascinated by bubbles, I want to share the bubble experience with others, I do it for the fun and for free. Showing giant soap bubbles belongs to the best time of my life. Now I want to share my experiences with you creatives from all over the world.
This instructable is a practical guide on how to make a soap bubble show. On internet there is a lot said about soap bubbles but their is not much information on how to prepare a show with giant bubbles in public. Involving children in the bubble fun require's special attention. Weather conditions are important and also the right scene. If you like you can dress up in exotic outfit.

                                        Soap making movie


Step 1: The Tools

In this first step we take a look in the magicians backpack. What tools are in?

1 - A big wand.
      Sticks: Length:110cm/43inch and 2cm/0.7inch diameter. Wood or fishing rod.
      Rope: Cotton cord 3mm/0.1inch diameter. Total length: 3.40m/3.70yard
2 - Small wand's (5x).
      Sticks: Length: 90cm/3 foot. 0.5cm/ 0.2inch diameter. Bamboo garden sticks.
      Rope: Cotton cord 3mm/0.1inch diameter. Total length: 1.35cm/53inch
3Deep plates: 30cm/12inch diameter. 1.6inch deep. Take plastic flex dishes.
4Funnel made from plastic soda bottle.
5Container with giant bubble soap. Content: 5Liter/1.3Gallon for 1 gallon soap.
6 -  The handpuppet Tinkler, to tell the youngest the story of the 'icarus bubble'.
<p>I don't know if I'm missing something or not......first of all, thank you SO much for this recipe. Based on the title I assumed there would be instructions on doing some bubble tricks and upon further reading I was hoping to hear the story of the puppet. Do you have any articles or blog posts on ideas for creating your own bubble magic show? I am making the wands and solution for my kids but would love to learn how to do tricks and would like to hear your story for the puppet. This would be a GREAT addition to our Sunmer parties, backyard BBQ's and play dates.</p>
This really seems like NightHawkInLight's idea...
I have a question about the bubble mixture. I want to make something safe for my dog who discovered bubble chasing ever since attending a birthday party in the park. it's a good way to entertain and exercise him, but I'm concerned about him ingesting the soap. <br> <br>I tried plain glycerine soap, but it didn't work well. And so I asked someone who has done children's science presentations and he told me to use pure glycerine, no soap and that it's the glycerine in the soap that makes the bubbles anyway. But I tried that and most bubbles pop immediately. i've also seen recipes that involve the addition of corn syrup but I suppose that it just a variation of your sugar recipe. <br> <br> Do you have any suggestions to minimize the amount of soap?
At the concentration of IamWe's recipe, is it toxic? Dawn dish soap is touted for saving animals effected by oil spills. Could Dawn be your answer?
<p>They use Dawn because way back at the first big spill response, they didn't know what to use. Amongst their experiments, they went to an ordinary supermarket and bought whatever they had. Of those supermarket items at that time, they found Dawn to work the best. and have used it ever since, probably because it gets donated. It doesn't mean it's the best thing available now. And it doesn't mean it something you want to ingest. In fact, I've seen a test of grease cutting in dishwashing and they found Method to be the most effective. </p>
When bubbles pop immediately the viscosity is to high. That's to much glycerine, sugar, etc. The mixture is not soapy enough. I tried eco- detergent as soap fluid. That did't work at all. Normal thick fluid detergent, with chemicals has the best results. See this website for the ingredients: <br>http://uk.cleanright.eu/index.php?option=com_product&amp;task=view&amp;id=47&amp;Itemid=195 <br>Betterways, I hope someone has good results with neutral harmless bubble soap and is willing to tell us how to make it. <br>
Hi, the proportions here don't match the video......is this an improved recipe? Great tutorial . Thank you.
gefeliciteerd met de welverdiende prijs in de toy contest!
Dank je wel. Je weet van te voren nooit als projecten ook aanslaan.
gaaf dit ga ik volgende week zeker ook uitproberen op kamp met mijn scouts :)
MY grand-kids are going to love this. <br> <br>Thanks for the Instructable.
Mooi! En heel fijn om een beproefd recept te hebben, dankjewel!
Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together! As a father that is always trying to add a little &quot;magic&quot; into his kids lives, I will take all the help I can get. People like me...truly need people like you. :) Thanks again. :)
I always wanted to do something like this. Cool! Thanks!
This was just a terrific post, lesson and view into your beautiful universe of bubbles! As an artist I have also always loved bubbles and have often had to improvise making them for bath-time or fun-time entertainment. I have been known to remove my wedding band and dip it into diluted dish detergent in a pinch to blow bubbles with the little ones. Your tutorial, photos and explanation is inspiring and I will definitely do this! Thanks! <br>Nissan
What a big bulb !!!! <br>Be careful Man , don't flight !!!!! :D

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