Give yourself a blue face. I used blue face paint then went over it with a teal eye shadow.

Step 2: Outline

Outline your pattern.

Step 3: Highlight and Shadows

Use light blue, dark blue, and a LITTLE black to make highlights and shadows.

Step 4: More Color

Fill in your tusks with white, and a LITTLE yellow and brown. Then you can start filling in your lips.

Step 5: More Detail

use some eyeliner and add a few sharper lines, then add some eyeliner on your eye, and maybe a few more wrinkles.

Step 6: The Chest

Paint it blue and make your bones stand out more with a darker blue.

loving these do u have a twoface or Jekyll and Hyde?
I do not, but I can make one! =)
I like all the details you do. Looks very good!
Thank you!

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