Everyone knows that happy cows come from Wisconsin, and since I live here in the Dairyland state, I use the milk of said cows to create these amazing homemade cream puffs.  Even the shells (called Pate A Choux) were made from scratch with my very own hands!
What a complete waste of time. Why bother posting this crap if there is NO Instructable. This is probably not even your pic. Complete Fail if you ask me.
These look awesome!
Wow! Can you instructablize your creation?
See my comments below. I REALLY wish I could make an instructable, but I have a camera that doesn't handle indoor light well at all. The flash is awful, so when I try to take indoor shots, I just get a lot of glare and/or yellow cast in the pictures. I don't have a window close to my stove, so there's no natural lighting. Maybe ONE day I'll own a DSLR camera :)
Gorgeous! Would love to see some process shots of whatever your next delicious creation is!
Thank you! I am a food blogger wanna be. I can create the recipes and write 'em down, but I don't own a camera that works worth a crud, so shots taken in front of the stove NEVER turn out. There's just not enough natural light in that part of my kitchen. :-(<br>Maybe ONE day I'll be able to afford a DSLR camera!
Looks quite delicious!
Thank you! Help me get enough votes to proceed and I'll make and ship you a box full of them! ;-)

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