Introduction: Bed Book Bag From Jeans

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With this bag that you tie to your bed or school chair you can hold up to 2 text books or regular books, mp3, cellphone, camera, notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, stuff like that!

Step 1: Materials

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For this project you will need:

A Pair of old jeans
Sewing Scissors
Dark Washable Marker
Buttons (optional)

Step 2: Taking It Apart

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you need to cut straight across the jeans and if they get cut to short and the pockets hang over cut them and swe them back up this is important!!!!

Step 3: Sew Sew Sew It UP

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Sew up the bottom of the jeans make sure they are inside out still. sew up the corners in and angle too. like so where my black marks are

Step 4: The Straps

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Now with the legs of your jeans cut the side thingy ma-jigs off both of them.

Step 5: Attach the Straps

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Cut small slits in the back of the jeans. and insert the straps time them up leaving enough room to tie them to a chair or a bed or something like that

Step 6: The Finished Product

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Tie to a chair with the extra slack on the strap optional sew a botton or a new new strap to close the bag like so

Step 7: Your Bags

Send me pictures of the bags you made or tell me about ones you've made


Very Interesting (author)2008-08-20

I followed your idea and made a purse with a lining. I sewed jeans pockets to the inside lining for a cell phone etc.

colindd95 (author)2008-05-24

Fell Free to send me some comments peeps show me what you've made with my instructables!!!

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