No matter how cold it is my two little boys, ages 2 and 4, absolutely refuse to wear socks around the house. Every time I feel their feet they are literally like ice. When I put them to bed they often complain that their toes are cold but still don't want to wear socks. So, in an attempt to keep their little tootsies warm, and have a great excuse to sit around and embroider, I made these bed bug heat packs to throw under their covers at night.

I warm them up in the microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes and they stay warm for about an hour - as long as they stay covered.

The boys love them because they get to have bugs in their beds! And I love them because I don't hear about freezing feet anymore!

I titled this 'bed bug bean bags' but they are really filled with soft wheat. The name was a little more catchy than 'bed bug heat packs' so I couldn't resist.

You will need the following items to create bed bugs of your own:

-embroidery thread
-embroidery book - if you don't know the stitching
-filler - soft wheat, buck wheat, rice, dried beans, split peas, or anything that can hold heat. I used organic soft wheat. It retains heat longer than rice, and I like it better than dried beans because it is much smaller. Split peas also work well.

Step 1: Bug 1 - Draw Pattern and Cut Felt

You will first need to start with drawing a pattern. I didn't model my bugs after any particular living bug, I just drew something I thought was fun. After you draw one pattern duplicate it so you have two. This way you can cut one up for pattern pieces and still have one to reference.

I made three different styles of bugs and will walk through them all so don't get discouraged by the amount of photos and steps in this instructable. One bug will not take much time to make.

After you draw your pattern choose colors of felt and thread that you want to use for the bug. It's hard to say how much you will need since it will depend on how large or small you want your bug and how detailed you want the embroidery. I was able to use scraps that I had in my sewing box.

Cut out felt according to your pattern.
<p>Too cute! My boys would love these :-)</p>
<p>Finished mine! love your patterns, thank you for sharing :)</p>
<p>you should sew in a straw for the mouth to more accurately depict the little blood sucking demons maybe a clear bag with catchup in the abdomen. oh and cover them in itching powder so you can have the full experience.</p>
<p>This is a great public relations project on behalf of the bed bugs. They get such a bad rap for being an annoying pest. It turns out that they are just adorable little bugs that like to cuddle in our beds ;)</p>
Wow these look like something you would buy at a store :)
Thank you! If you have patience for embroidery it is actually repetitive and very easy!
Hey Wold630, these bed bug heat packs are adorable!
Thank you. They are so useful too! Send me a picture if you decide to make some. They aren't just for kids!!
I made two of these, one with rice and one with great northern beans.<br>I put them both in the microwave for 30 seconds, when i took them out, they smelled like rice and beans, and had a lot of moisture in them..<br><br>Do all beans do this?
I didn't have this problem but I guess they could feel moist the first few times but after that I would think the rice should be completely dried out from microwaving. What kind of rice did you use? I have never tried northern beans (only black beans) so I can't say for sure about those. I would love to see a picture!
I&rsquo;m not sure of the brand, it is all written in Chinese.<br>I got a little creative after the first test one. the second two don&rsquo;t have any filler yet. <br>Thanks for this project, I&rsquo;m getting addicted! :)
these are soooooo wonderfully alive with color and personality.... I think I will make some too.
I know what I want for Xmas, hint...hint.. wink wink : )
These things look awesome, but I love that they're actually useful too. I think I want a couple larger versions of these for myself!
Thanks to everyone for all of the nice comments. I guess I never mentioned how big the bugs are. They are about 5 1/2 to 6 inches long and about 3 to 4 inches wide. Here is a picture of my son holding one of the bugs.
Darling, clever, beautifully made, etc., etc.! These will go on my faves list!
These are adorable!
I love the concept of &quot;Bed Bugs&quot; &ndash; So Cute! The embroidery stitches you've used are really impressive too. I can imagine that they boys would have a lot of fun with these. : )
super cute ! If you were closer I'm sure my daughters would love these in their kids consignment store
Ditto Jessy! How incredibly darling! I love the decorative stitches, especially the blue and yellow loopy stitch from the first bug! :)
Oh my goodness - those are precious! :D

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