Bed Frame With Storage

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This is a post-construction instructable of a bed frame I built a while ago. Sorry for not being more informative, but this should give you a good idea of how it is put together. This was about a $250, weekend project (if you factor in waiting for stain to dry). Materials needed: 2x4's (I used about 16 8 footers) 1"x16"x8' pine/oak/whatever finish you fancy (X3) 1"x6"x8' same finish wood as above. (X4) these are for your drawer sides and back Drawer backer (2) 4x8 sheets 2 1/2 inch drywall screws Drawer handles Wood stain Tools needed/recommended: Skill/circular saw Jig saw Drill Sander Brad nailer Paint brush
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Step 1: Build Two Frame Sections

Picture of Build Two Frame Sections
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Depending on the size if your bed, you need to make the frame in two equal sections. My bed is a king size, so my sections were about 80"x40". The primary reason for having two sections was for portability purposes. I made a rough sketch of the frame. It is made entirely of 2x4's. I made it 4 inches longer than I needed to for when I built a headboard for it. The height of my frame is 15". You can build the frame in whatever configuration you want, just make sure there will be room for the drawers. Line the two sections up and attach them with bolts. Make this as temporary as possible since you will be removing them to move the bed in place.

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