Step 2: Design

Picture of Design
Take parts that you like from all the bed that you took sneaky photos of.
and measurements from your matress

Sketch designs on a piece of paper untill you decide on something you like

Model it using your favourite modelling application (sketch up / autocad etc)

take measurements from modelling application and compare to design on paper to make sure there are no design problems.

Check design with girlfriend, even consider doing a quick render to see if she likes it. At this point you may be required to go back to the 1st step several times.

Print off 3d model, and parts breakdown
step complete.

for our design, we used a combination of Designs and came up with something that myself and the girlfriend both agreed on.

The last picture is the closest to what we ended up with, as we liked the idea of having lights and a powerboard integrated into the head of the bed.