Picture of Bed Headboard from Tongue & Groove Panel
This is a headboard I made of tongue and groove panels. Hope you like it :)
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Step 1: Framework

Picture of Framework
First, I made a frame of wooden studs. I used small brackets for extra support in the corners, better safe than sorry...

On the backside i placed rubber furniture pads to save the wall from any scratches.

Step 2: Nailing the Panel

Picture of Nailing the Panel
Put the nail at a 45 angle on the tongue as the picture shows and work your way up.

Step 3: Safety brackets

Picture of Safety brackets
To secure the head board and to not make it fall when you remove the bed, I used brackets at the bottom. Make sure you locate the studs behind the panel and mount the brackets there.
dahlberg_emil (author) 1 year ago
Thank you! They're made of pine. I painted them with semi glossy paint. The corners are attached with nails and the top I screwed on. I covered the screws with a two-component filler.
claudg19501 year ago
Very nice, indeed!
What are the corner-sides and the very shiny top made of? Are they glued to the slats?
sosumi2 years ago