Bed Side Baby Cribs for Anabelle Anais





Introduction: Bed Side Baby Cribs for Anabelle Anais

Hi, more than an istructables, this is an "idea show", because i will just put the images of my wok,since inglish is not my leanguaje, and, the measures of the proyect are made to fit my needs, i dont think its necessary.

Any Way, im glad to answer any question that ypu may have.


Step 1: Pieces of Wood

This is the cutting and sanding procces.

Need 2 of each pieces, of 10 inches board + 3 inches board

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill 4 holes (mi wife says it look nice) for attaching both boards thogether, left a separation betheen for decarative pourpuses

Step 3: The Crosspieces

As you can see, there are two pieces of hidraulic pvc tubes, stuffed whith a piece of rounded wood, (very very thigth) and then those pipes are cover whait thermo foam for pipes ( daa!) so the baby wont get hurt if for any reason hit the crosspieces.

Step 4: Putting Pieces Togheter

Sorry no pictures, camera went off the battery, so an explain and a graphic

Step 5: Art Work

My wife making a beatifull art work

Step 6: Base Structure

No Pictures, camera ran out of juice


This is how the fabric is installed

Step 8: Finish Details

Add a curtain or toy holder for Anabelle

Step 9: Gorgeous Paint Job

The end is the beatifull wife's work

Thaks, hope you like it

Any question glad to aswer



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    How much did it cost you total?

    Great job, Alex.
    However: the baby is too deep down, and ventilation might not be enough.
    I think it is critical that you either elevate the baby (put more padding so the baby's head would be closer to the edge of the crib) or, much better, make holes or slots on the sides or (easier, so you don't need to remove the fabric) carve holes or slots in the headboard and the feetboard, so fresh air could pass near the baby's nose.
    This is a serious matter. Please consult your physician.

    1 reply

    Thanks for your concern, i will ask, but, in the picture you cant see the mattress, thats ir really high.

    Another point is that the size, and deppness is identical to the plastic ones in the clinic, where my daugther was born.

    Thanks Again

    Nice looking project but before you put a baby in it you need to lengthen and widen to base. If the baby were to move, however unlikely, to the extreme ends or sides and say you have a dog or person bump into the opposite side you will not be pleased. Just my suggestion!

    1 reply

    Yes, you rigth, i got the same exact idea... im working on a wider base.

    Is the esayst part


    PS: This instructable is the second crib i made, for my 2° daugther.

    The first one is this:


    Very pretty crib and Annabelle will be happy in it. It does look like it is sturdy and not easily tippable, as it seems solid in all 4 directions. I'm sure she won't spend her whole life in it and adjustments will be made once she is actually inside. A sweet thing for a parent to do!!!

    I love the straight forward design!

    Beautiful crib, its great project for first baby. I made a baby crib for my first son a few years ago and it is still beside our bed and our second baby used it too

    DSCN0430 (Small).jpg

    This is a beautiful piece of furniture that will be cherished, I'm sure. Congratulations!

    great work, this could easily become a family heirloom