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Introduction: Bed Side Mat From Old T-shirt

Hi all !

This is my second project in INSTRUCTABLES. I'm happy to share my idea of making the best use of old T-shirts . We usually give away or throw all our old T-shirts . But by this crafting idea you can reuse the old Tee into bed side mat or kitchen mats . from this idea you can also save money from buying bathroom and kitchen mats. I have also used think knots which tends to massage the foot and gives you easy relief from foot pain. Comments and feed backs are most welcome as I'm a budding member . Thank you !

Step 1: Materials Required :

Old T-shirts

Chalk or pen

Sharp scissors

Crochet needle size-10mm or up (depends on the thinkness of the fabric)

Needle and thread (regular size)

Step 2: Fabric Yarn Preparation

Take an old tee and cut along the sides completelyupto arm pits and neck

Now yo will set 2 full pieces.

Select the width of the yarn you need and with the help of chalk or pen , draw counter circles or squares.

take care to draw from outside to inside as this is easy for cutting.

Roll the cut strip into the fabric yarn ball as shown above.

repeat the same process on the other half of the tee .

Join both the ends of the yarn and continue making the yarn ball.

Step 3: Crocheting the Mat:

SS - Slip stitch

SC - Single crochet

DC double crochet

HDC - Half double crochet

To start with chain 4 and SS with the first chain .

This is the inner circle .

Now chain 1.

Do 10 SC in the center hole ( you can increase this to 12 or 14, Just make sure it is in even numbers ) SS to complete round 1.

Now chain 2 and do 1 HDC in the next SC.

Now do 2 HDC in the next SC.

Repeat this to complete round 2 and SS ( change color if needed)

Chain 3 and do 1 DC in the next 2 HDC, folled by 2DC in the next 1 HDC.

Repeat the patter to complete round 3 with SS.

Chain 3 and ddddddddddo 1 DC in the next 3 DC , followed by 2 DC in the next 1 DC.

Repeat pattern and SS to complete round 4. (change color if needed)

IN similar manner the outer circle can be increased to the required size by increasing the number of single DC between the double DC.

* 1 DC - 2DC - 1 DC.

*1DC - 1DC - 2DC - 1DC - 1DC

*1DC - 1DC - 1DC - 2DC - 1DC - 1DC - 1DC.

*1DC - 1DC - 1DC - 1DC - 2DC - 1DC - 1DC - 1DC -1Dc

*(5)1DC - (1)2DC - (5)1DC and so on

SS and secure the end.

Step 4: Finishing

Here is the beautiful crocheted mat and is washable .

i hope you will like making this mat with different sizes of your choices.




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    Hope u find it helpful.
    (My son flushed my one plus one in the commode and i had to re-re do the work again. Sorry abt the delay ;). )

    hello Hockeymask,

    steps pic as in fabric yarn prep or crocheting part? sincerely hope u wont mind this delay. got held up(kids. so u know)

    Hi Honeymask!
    Am sorry abt the delayed reply. Step pics right? On it. Will post in a day.

    Pic 8.
    The method can be followed to continue the same colour yarn, so as to avoid unnecessary big knots in the middle and the trouble of securing loose ends.















    @hockeymask: pic 1


    Good idea. I have a ton of old t-shirts that I never wear. A project like this would help me to clear out my closet some.

    1 reply

    Glad u like it! Thanks for your support. As a beginner this encourages me a lot. (Hey,it was the same closet cluttering that gave this idea. Happy spacious closet to u too!)