You're tortured with dirty bedbugs?

Here's the Solution!!!

!!!Bedbugs Killer Spray!!!

I used one month this spray

Its really Works!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Things Will Gonna Need


2.Dish Washing Liquid Soap

3.Clorox Bleach works better I,d used hirex

Step 2: The Measurement of Liquids

2 cups of water

1/2 Dish washing liquid

1 Cup of Clorox bleach

and shake the bottle!!!!

Step 3: Ready!!!

The bedbug killer spray is ready

Step 4: Best Way to Use:

you can use in coners of your bed , mattress ,sofas, under the tables , wardrobe and other sides of your home.

!!!!!! keep away from clothes and children !!!

<p>Thank you very much. Sure am going to try it .Hopefully it works.</p>
<p>using bleach won't that take the color our if carpets and stuff</p>
<p>I had been fighting bed bugs for awhile now and i have yet to find a chemicle mixture that actually kills them all. i found another page that talked about heat. i am going to try that next http://mommosttraveled.com/protect-yourself-from-bed-bugs-while-traveling-giveaway/ .</p>
<p>Isn't very many comments, I'd like to know If this Actually works??</p><p>Got rid of bed bugs over a year ago, and now today I found 1.</p><p>Don't have much money, so I need all the killing bed bug cheaply Info!!!! Lol</p>
<p>What't the best way to use it so that you don't get rid of yourself along with the bed bugs?</p>
<p>Nice! Thank you for sharing this simple solution.</p>

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