I'm doing a frozen theme for my daughters 5th bday, here is one way to go all out on a budget!

Step 1: Spray Paint

This was a yucky rust color. I found at a yard sale for .50 cents!! I spray painted white, then let dry.

Step 2: Bedazzle

Spray the whole piece with spray adhesive, then pour glitter all over it's. Let dry!!! This will hold up a famed photo or sign at the party!
I have another as well. Candy jars!! Look at my other projects!!
<p>They are super cute! :)</p>
<p>Oh, sparkly! I hope you post more Frozen themed projects because this looks like magic!</p>

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Bio: I'm a mom and wife! I like doing crafts and being creative. Always looking for new projects to do! And always on budget!
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