Introduction: Bedroom-Office-Workspace

So this is Lazy Old Geek's (LOG) bedroom-office-workspace. So some people may say it’s clutter boarding on compulsive hoarding. Well, I must admit I am compulsive. And I blame it all on Instructables. So many Instructablers recommend not throwing anything away as you may need it later for another project. So that’s my excuse.

 So if I won the Ikea contest, I would use it to:

  1. Provide better lighting for my old eyes.
  2. Get cable organizers.
  3. Maybe get a better mattress for my old back.
  4. Get some cabinets and bookshelves to better organize my materials

So that would allow me to collect more stuff to do more Instructables.

Here’s the location of the Instructables shown in pictures:




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Oh, I was being a smart butt! I thought JuCo was talking about the main desk in photo #1! Those others look like Art Deco pieces, could be worth a lot, try not to mess them up.

Too late. One of the caster wheels was missing so I took the others off.
I also drilled holes in the side to attach my drill press table and bolts to hold my vises.


Yeah, wow! thats the most beautiful dresser I've ever seen!!!!!!!

Well if one does more than sit in a recliner watching TV, and has hobbies, one has to make thing fit in the available space. What does that room measure out to be? That bed platform, works better than most bed platforms, to make best use of the area it takes up. Cabinets on the wall at the ceiling level provide a lot of storage with intruding into the space much. Then again I'm over 6' and can use higher cabinets more easily than some who would find them a stretch. In the event thing get rougher I hope I still maintain a small shed workshop. Thanks for sharing.

It is 12' x 12' with a tiny walk in closet which I can't walk in to.
I was thinking about a Murphy bed but then I spend a lot of time on my laptop on my bed doing Instructables. Plus I'm old and often take a nap.

I am only 5' 7" but cabinets on the walls would be nice, though I don't have much accessible wall space.
I'm not complaining, though it's working out okay. I got mad at myself the other day when I spilled one of the containers of screws all over the floor. And sometimes I search for hours trying to find something I'm pretty sure I have. But often I find stuff that I'd didn't know I still had like a oscilloscope probe tip and a USB Flydrive.



that is a beautiful dresser.

I never really noticed it before but it is pretty nice and it's pretty well made.


This is what I want to have in my bedroom. I need a drill press in my room :) :)

It's certainly convenient. I have to vacuum a lot when I use it.