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Introduction: Bedroom/ Workshop

Living in a third floor apartment makes building a pain, but over the course of a few years of trial and error I have found a way to work in many different materials, and also on the computer, while keeping my sleeping space separate, all in one room. I build constantly, and prototype on the computer while doing web design on the side of being a full time student at The School of the Museum of Fine Art. Boston. And sleep when I get the chance. Hope you enjoy my space!



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This would be so cool to have If I could convince the wife to share the room with the tools... Not happening anytime soon, though.

Adding my voice to "printrbot932" now i can convince my mom.....

That's a nicely organized workshop. You've made good use of all space and still have good space in the center of your room.

Thanks for showing us.

Consider this, if you had laid the room out in reverse of how you have it, you could be in your bedroom and never see the other stuff, with a curtain that is. Actually, i guess you could just put up curtains and still have the privacy in the bedroom. Then again, I'm a girl, that stuff matters more to me i guess.

I have to do guitar / luthiery work in my bedroom, too. How do you control dust and noise?

So beautiful O_O