Living in a third floor apartment makes building a pain, but over the course of a few years of trial and error I have found a way to work in many different materials, and also on the computer, while keeping my sleeping space separate, all in one room. I build constantly, and prototype on the computer while doing web design on the side of being a full time student at The School of the Museum of Fine Art. Boston. And sleep when I get the chance. Hope you enjoy my space!
<p>This would be so cool to have If I could convince the wife to share the room with the tools... Not happening anytime soon, though.</p>
<p>Adding my voice to &quot;printrbot932&quot; now i can convince my mom.....</p>
Know to convince my mom...
That's a nicely organized workshop. You've made good use of all space and still have good space in the center of your room. <br> <br>Thanks for showing us.
Excellent. Truly fantastic.
YIKES!<br>Consider this, if you had laid the room out in reverse of how you have it, you could be in your bedroom and never see the other stuff, with a curtain that is. Actually, i guess you could just put up curtains and still have the privacy in the bedroom. Then again, I'm a girl, that stuff matters more to me i guess.
I have to do guitar / luthiery work in my bedroom, too. How do you control dust and noise?
So beautiful O_O
Very cool,laid out nicely,well done.That about sums it up for me,congrats!

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