For a class on youth and technology, we were assigned to a project using the LilyPad Arduino, a microcontroller board for making e-textiles. I decided to make a hanging board with a starscape that would light up and play a lullaby. I used cardboard, black cotton material, felt and silver beads to create the actual board (I call it a Bedtime Board). Check out the final product below. 

Materials you will need

For making the board:
-1 piece of cardboard (I used the top of a paper box so my board would look more like a canvas)
-Black cotton material (20"x20")
-Several different colors of felt ( I used blue and purple) for stars
-Piece of white felt (for moon)
-Adhesive velcro
-Needle and thread
-Copper wire (or any conductive wire) 12"

For the electronic part:
• LilyPad Arduino board
• LilyPad LEDs (6 white)
• Li-Po battery
• Conductive thread
• LilyPad tone for sound
• LilyPad FTDI basic
•  Mini-USB cable
• FTDI driver

Step 1: Making a Plan

I mapped out the general look of the board (size, number of stars, colors, placement, etc.). I then mapped out how and where I wanted to include aspects of the LilyPad. I drew a basic sketch, outlining where my LED lights would go, and where the actual board would fit on the board. 

I then mapped out how I would sew to connect the LEDs to the board and complete the circuits. This prevents getting circuits crossed or having to sew inefficiently to complete the connection. To ensure that my negative lines didn't intersect with my positives (which would prevent the circuit from working) I used the back of the board for the negative lines and the front for the positives. The circuitry sketches I used are attached. 

All of my negative lines (from the LEDs and the tone button) went back to the same petal on the board-- which I label as "Ground" on the sketch. 

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