Introduction: Bee Android Plushie

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A fluffy replacement for plastic collectable figures on your desk.

Step 1: Materials Needed

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1. Yellow, black and white fleece
2. Pencil
3. Black permanent marker
4. Compass divider
5. Scissors
6. Stuffing
7. Scrap thin cardboard
8. Ruler
9. Black or dark coloured thread (I used purple) and either yellow or white thread

Step 2:

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Draw a 18×9 cm rectangle.

Draw two 4×3 cm rectangles.

Draw two 4×4 squares.

Draw a circle with a 8 cm diametre using the compass divider

Cut out all of the shapes.

Step 3:

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Fold the big rectangle into a cylinder put it on the fleece and trace it.

Do the same to the squares and small rectangles.
The small rectangles are folded length wise for tracing.

Cut the shapes out.

Step 4:

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Tip: If you have marker marks on the shapes ( Like me )
sew the shapes together so that the marks are on the outside

Sew together the big circle and big rectangle.

Make sure that you sew together one fourth of the rectangle to one fourth of the circle
because the circle has a bigger diameter.

Next sew together the two short ends of the rectangle.

Then sew on half of the smaller circle.

Turn the shape inside out.

Fill the body with stuffing.

Cut a circle out of the cardboard and slide it in to the bottom
so your android can stand up strait.

Sew on the rest of the circle.

Step 5:

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Cut out three black 18×1 cm stripes.

Sew them on.

See photo for placement.

Step 6:

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Tip: If you have marker marks on the shapes ( Like me )

sew the shapes together so that the marks are on the outside.

Take a small circle and a square, sew them together.

Sew together two sides of the square to form a cylinder.

Turn it inside out.

Fill the arm with stuffing

Tip: To fill the arm with stuffing use the end of your marker.

Sew on the arm.

Repeat for second arm.

Step 7:

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Take your marker, draw the eyes.

Step 8:

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Take the rectangles, fold them length wise.

Repeat Step 6.

( Sew them on so they are pointing in front to make the Android look like it is sitting)

Step 9:

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Choose which size you want your wings.

Cut out a rectangle the size of your wings.

Fold it in half.

Cut out the shape of your wing.

Open the wings.

Sew them on.

Step 10:

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Cut out two 2×1 cm rectangles.

Roll them up to make horns.

Sew the ends so they don't unroll.

Sew them on.

The End

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So cute

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Thanks I love your constructables

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Oops I'm meant I n s t r u c t a b l e s

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Constructables also sound good XD

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Krasnova (author)SadAlena2016-08-27


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