Christmas is around the corner and I decided to make this bauble for my mum who is a beekeeper.

Since I didn't have a real glass bauble, I used an old lightbulb.

What you will need:

- glue
- a pair of scissors
- yellow and black paint
- a gold pearl pen 
- an old lightbulb
- a paintbrush
- white transparent paper
- copper thread
- a hook
- glitter or something else to decorate if you like
- wiggly eyes if you like (I decided to leave them out)

Step 1: Paint the Bulb

Paint stripes on the bulb with the yellow and black paint.
When finished, let it dry. 
If you have transparent coating that's great, if not leave it out and just be careful not to touch the bulb with sweaty or wet fingers. 
That is really cute! I love how you did the wings!

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